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EurAsian Times endeavours to empower the people globally to Report News, Views, Opinions, Business Reviews, and Online Consumer Complaints, so that their story does not go unnoticed, and reaches billions of people and relevant authorities. We deliver and publish news in a completely unique manner i.e. RAW News straight from the Horse’s Mouth”.

Your involvement in bringing news every day is very precious to us. Let the truth unwind to all. We, at Eurasian Times, invite your contribution to publish your news, express views, write online reviews and report customer complaints. At, ET News, we also welcome you to share your opinions, expert reviews, articles and stories. With ET News, become an alert citizen journalist and report important incidents that might go unnoticed.

Have you been involved in an Incident and want to Publish Your News or Business Reviews?

Do you want to share or publish something important, strange or an odd incident that might be known to you? Have you got some important news or reviews to publish or is there something you want we should follow up? What’s in your mind? We provide the perfect platform to report, share and publish your stories, articles, consumer complaints, news, views, and reviews.

Email your News & Reviews to EurAsian Times

Email your contribution and comments to We aim to read all of your emails but due to the numbers we receive each day, it is not always possible to reply to everyone individually. Email your pictures, video or audio to us at

We will publish your news, views, and reviews on EurAsian Times. Your name will be published as an active and alert citizen journalist (unless you ask us not to). Your mobile number will not be shared.

If you are happy to be contacted by ET NEWS, please share your correct mobile phone number and email address, where we can contact you. In certain cases a, section of your comments will be published, showing your name as you provide. As a policy of Eurasian Times, after you publish your news, view or reviews, your contact details will never be shared or published (unless under a legal order). When sharing pictures, news, reviews, or video, at no time should you should put yourself or any other person at risk. EurAsian Times (ET News) will not be responsible for your actions.

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