All Seven Missing Sailors on USS Fitzgerald Dead

The Philippines merchant vessel "Crystal" was about three times heavier than the USS Fitzgerald, which massively damaged the US Warship.


The American destroyer USS-Fitzgerald, which met with an accident and was badly damaged in a collision with a Philippines merchant vessel off the Japanese coast, had seven crew members missing after the accident. Their dead bodies of all the seven sailors on USS-Fitzgerald has been found after the rescue mission.


The rescue team that was able to enter the premises of the ship at the exact point of impact. All the missing sailors were found dead in the flooded and damaged cabins and were transported to the naval hospital in Yokosuka, where the identification process was carried out. The names of all the victims will be announced after the identification.

USS Fitzgerald – Philippines Merchant Vessel Accident

The USS Fitzgerald is based at the US naval base at the port of Yokosuka, Japan

USS Fitzgerald is a Burke-class destroyer in the US Naval Fleet. Fitzgerald started operations on 29 January 1994, and was finally commissioned in October 1995 in Rhode Islands. The destroyer USS Fitzgerald is based at the US naval base at the port of Yokosuka, since 2004. Our experts in Japan points out that the shipping traffic in that area is extremely busy. USS Fitzgerald is one of the world’s leading and most sophisticated warships equipped with a very high-end radar system and despite that, it could not manage to avoid collision with the Philipines merchant vessel.

The collision between USS Fitzgerald and Philippines merchant vessel occurred the day before at 2:30 am local time 100 kilometers southeast of the Japanese city of Yokosuka. Destroyer Fitzgerald collided with a large container ship “Crystal”, which was being operated by the Philippines. The Philippines merchant vessel was about three times heavier than the USS Fitzgerald and performed a sudden reversal for about 25 minutes before the crash. Why did the “Philippines merchant vessel” changed its course is still unknown.

A close look at USS Fitzgerald which was hit by Philippines Merchant Vessel


Immediately after the collision, the crew sought help from the Japanese Coast Guard. As a result of the collision, three sailors were wounded, including the captain. They were evacuated by helicopter and taken to hospital in Yokosuka. US President Donald Trump tweeted to Fitzgerald’s crew and family members and expressed his deep condolences while thanking the Japanese for their search and rescue operations.


How does USS Fitzgerald compare with Philippines Merchant Vessel? 

How Does USS Fitzgerald compare with The Philippines Merchant Vessel?


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