$14 billion Sales For Russian Defense Companies

Russia defense companies, in year 2016, had sales of about $14 billion in weapons and other military hardware, of  which some contracts were still continuing. “The overall value of export stands at some $14 billion, but the year was still to get over and many major contracts are still in progress,” said the defense spokesman.

Kozhin, the defense spokesman added that year 2016 was fruitful for Russia in the military-technical cooperation field by and large. “Last year, when we were simply deliberating plans for 2016, we said a lot about how complex it would be and there were extensive reasons for that. The sanctions were literally applicable to every single sector of the defense market. The same holds true of actions by our so called partners, some were covert, while others were overtly harsh and lacking any ethics. Kozhin said that in 2017 one should not expect the lifting of sanctions over Russia. “As far as next year, 2017, is concerned, we should not expect that all sanctions will vaporize. Earlier, President Vladimir Putin said that the overall value of Russia’s weapons export contracts remained over 50 billion dollars