Thursday, February 25, 2021

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83% of India’s Covid-19 Patients Are Below 50: Health Ministry Data

The Indian government has stated that that most cases of Covid-19 in India have been found in the age groups of 21-40. In a press conference, the health ministry said that an age-wise analysis of coronavirus patients in India shows that 42 per cent of them belong to the age group of 21-40.

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The next most-affected age group is those between ages 41 and 50, which compromises of 33 per cent of the coronavirus positive cases. Senior citizens (60+), who are otherwise the most high-risk group for the viral infection, form 17 per cent of the Covid-19 patient group in India.

Only 9 per cent of those below 20 years of age have been found to be coronavirus positive, the health ministry said. Young Indians are at higher risk of catching the deadly virus as 83 per cent of the patients are under the age of 50.

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Experts have suggested that despite what younger people may have thought till now, they are vulnerable to the deadly virus. Meanwhile, the number of coronavirus (COVID-19) cases across the globe is rising by the hour and has surpassed the 1 million mark, as per the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Centre.

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The pandemic, having made its way into about 207 countries or territories, has already claimed as more than 59,000 lives. In India, as per updates on Saturday evening, IST, there have been 3092 positive cases of coronavirus with 86 fatalities.

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