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Over 6 Lac Children Suffering From Acute Malnutrition In Afghanistan: UNICEF



The Afghanistan War has left more than 600,000 children suffering from acute malnutrition. The United Nations Children’s Fund has highlighted the miserable state of children’s health in Afghanistan and further warned that these children are vulnerable to death. UNICEF stated that if appropriate medical treatment is not provided to these children then they might even die soon.

The Minister of Public Health, Afghanistan also said in a statement that Afghanistan is still at the top of the list of countries with the highest rates of maternal and child mortality. As per health officials in Afghanistan, 650 out of every 100,000 infants die in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan has been war-torn for almost two decades now and people have been deprived of basic amenities like education, health care and other public services. Children are among the most affected sections of Afghanistan amid the long going war.

Japan Announced $8.1 Million Grant

Japan on Sunday announced a financial assistance of $8.1 million within the structure of UNICEF to hike the maternal and child health care in Afghanistan. The grant given by Tokyo is a part of the overall assistance to address the healthcare issues of mothers and children in terms of comprehensive hygiene. The allocation of this grant will focus on safe drinking water, hygienic sanitation facilities, nutrition and other aspects of public health.

Japan A Key Contributor To Afghanistan’s Rebuilding

The Afghanistan war commenced in 2001 after the US invaded Afghanistan. Since 2001, Japan has allocated more than $250 million exclusively to the health sector in Afghanistan.

The contribution will benefit 5.2 million people directly including 2.1 million pregnant women and 3.1 million children under two years of age and also their respective families. Japan has played a significant role in the development of Afghanistan’s health sector. Japan has been a key investor in the nation-building efforts of the Afghanistan government.

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