Another Sexual Assault Accusation on Harvey Weinstein

Mimi Haleyi, the former production assistant of Weinstein Company has accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault and forcing himself upon her.

Gloria Allred, the lawyer of Mimi Haleyi released a press conference narrating the incident of her client when Weinstein forcibly performed oral sex on her in 2006 while she was in her periods. In a press conference in New York — held by lawyer—claimed Weinstein forcibly performed oral sex. Mimi Haleyi is alleged to have been in her 20s at the time at the time of this dreadful incident.

More accusations might emerge regarding Harvey Weinstein Sexual Assault

“He was extremely persistent and physically overpowering,” Haleyi said. “He then orally forced himself on me, while I was on my period. He even pulled my tampon out. I was mortified.” Stated the former production assistant.

Shedding tears at the press conference, she added: “I would not have wanted anyone to do that to me even if the person had been a romantic partner.”

Since the start of October, Weinstein has witnessed numerous serious allegations of sexual harassment and abuse. Although, he has apologized for his behavior but has clearly stated that mutual consent was involved with all the accusers.

A meeting at his hotel room to discuss potential opportunities turned uncomfortable when he asked her for a massage, she claimed. She declined and left. Haleyi first met Weinstein in 2004, she recalled, at the European premiere of the film The Aviator. She had another time encountered him, at the Cannes Film Festival, where she had offered to work on any upcoming productions taking place in New York.

Concerned about her professional career at that time, Haleyi said she continued to meet with Weinstein in spite of his sexual advances because she “wanted to maintain a good relationship with him” as she pursued a career in the entertainment industry.

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