Tuesday, March 9, 2021

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Syed Shafiq


Human Rights Champion China Promises Support To ‘Ally’ Sri Lanka In Defending Allegations Of War Crimes

Despite severe backlash from the US for electing 'authoritarian regimes', China won a seat at the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) which is...

Websites Hacked, Products Banned Over French President Macron’s Anti-Islam Remarks

In recent weeks, French President Emmanuel Macron has attacked Islam and the Muslim community, accusing Muslims of "separatism." He described Islam as a “a religion in crisis all over the world.”

India, Israel & UAE – The New ‘Trilateral Block’ On Way – Israeli Envoy

With the normalization of ties between Israel and the UAE and India's historical-bond with Israel, especially in defence & technology and with the UAE,...

Why New Indian Anti-Radiation Missile – Rudram-1 Should Not Really Perturb China Or Pakistan?

Indian Defence Minister Rajnath Singh also shared a congratulatory tweet stating - "The New Generation Anti-Radiation Missile (Rudram-1) which is India’s first indigenous anti-radiation missile developed by DRDO for Indian Air Force was tested successfully today at ITR, Balasore. Congratulations to DRDO & other stakeholders for this remarkable achievement.”

How Pakistan Got Hold Of Russia’s Most Advanced Battle-Tank That Poses A Big Threat To India?

While Pakistan may have had no active role in the ongoing border row between India and China, all the three nuclear-powered nations have been...

India Has Snatched-Away Saudi Arabia, UAE From The Clutches Of Pakistan – Experts

A landmark agreement was reached between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) recently according to which Israel would postpone its plans to annex...

China, Pakistan Want Turkey To Replace Saudi Arabia As The Leader Of Islamic World?

In recent years, Turkey has been vehemently fighting for the leadership role in the Islamic world. The transformation of the Hagia Sophia from a...

Why India-China Border Clashes Have Become So Frequent Under Modi-Government?

After the clash between Chinese and Indian troops in Galwan Valley, there were fears that it could escalate into a full-fledged war between the two nations. The 3500 km long border between China and India has never been agreed upon and soldiers of the two countries have clashed many times in the mountainous areas of the extremely challenging terrains.

Baloch Rebels Kill 7 Pakistan Army Soldiers in 2 Separate Attacks

Rebels from the Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) killed a total of 7 Pakistan army soldiers in two separate attacks according to reports by Indian...

Syed Shafiq