Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Avangard, Sarmat and Dagger Missiles Make Russia Invincible: Vladimir Putin

Russian Missile like Avangard, Sarmat, Dagger, as well as the development of Peresvet combat laser systems, have made the country very powerful with strong defensive and offensive capabilities.  

Israel Will Not Let Iran Create a Military Base in Syria – Israel to Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin took part in an extended meeting of the board of the Ministry of Defense. According to the Kremlin press service, Vladimir Putin stressed on strengthening of defence capability, the security of Russia, and reliable protection against external threats as the most vital tasks.

“I emphasize: their importance is well understood by both political and state leaders, society, and all citizens of the country. Today, we will discuss how military construction advanced in 2018. We shall define future priorities, ”the Russian leader said.

“The nuclear triad, which plays a key role in maintaining global parity, has noticeably strengthened: the share of modern weapons has increased. Serious, breakthrough steps have been taken in the development of the innovative, latest weapons.

I am referring to the beginning of the serial production of the Avangard missile system and the successful tests of the Sarmat, the performance of the test-and-combat duty of the hypersonic air complex Dagger, as well as the development of the Peresvet combat laser systems.

These weapons drastically increase the potential of the army and navy, thereby unconditionally ensures the security of Russia in the coming decades. These weapons also strengthen the balance of power, and hence the global stability.

He noted the importance of the fact that the level of operational and combat training of troops has seriously increased, their capabilities are changing qualitatively. The six independent checks that took place this year have confirmed this, including the ability to quickly transfer forces and funds over long distances — up to seven thousand kilometers — to quickly strengthen the deployment on the most strategic areas where necessary.

“Good results are shown on the large-scale manoeuvres of the Vostok-2018. At the same time, the partners – units from China and Mongolia – acted according to a common plan, in a single battle formation with our units.

For the first time in the modern history of Russia, the Ocean Shield exercise was held in the Mediterranean. A large inter-fleet group, together with long-range aviation, confidently solved a wide range of tasks, tested the newest tactical weaponry and conducted joint operations with the utmost professionalism, ”Putin said.

In the operational and combat training, as the president recalled, weapons that had been used in Syria have given a great experience to the Russian military in the fight against terrorists.

“After the defeat of the militant groups in Syria, the situation in this country gradually stabilized. I want to emphasize: the uncompromising battle against militants will continue. We will give the Syrians all the necessary support. At the same time, our military personnel adequately perform the assigned peacekeeping and humanitarian tasks. They are helping the revival of Syria as a united, peaceful, stable state, ”Putin said.

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