Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Does BrahMos Missile Really Pose a Serious Threat to Chinese PLA?

BrahMos Missile is one the favourite news topics in the Indian Media. The Indian and Russian joint venture, world’s fastest supersonic cruise missile – BrahMos Missile is in news again. A spokesperson from the Aerospace at the Singapore Airshow confirmed the same adding that discussions were being carried out with a number of ‘responsible nations’ (that are friendly with India and Russia) to sell the BrahMos Missile.

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With a flight range of over 300 kilometres (which may further be increased to 800 km), the supersonic BrahMos missile has generated interest in a number of Southeast Asian Nations like Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia.

However, the BrahMos Missile can be seen as a major concern if seen from the Chinese perspective. Locked in a dispute over the South China Sea with China, if Vietnam goes through with the purchase of the BrahMos Missile it would be seen a move by India to arm a state against China, says a fellow at TBIGC.

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While the Narendra Modi government has denied any such deal with Vietnam, there are reports from the Vietnamese side confirming the purchase of lethal supersonic missile from India.

BrahMos Missile: A Possible Threat To China?

The cost-effective BrahMos missile can be launched from sea, land, and air. Also known as the carrier killer, the missile has the ability to target enemy assets, similar to the US Tomahawk missiles. The supersonic missile could turn out to be a threat for China if purchased by any country in a dispute with Beijing.

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An expert on the matter said India and Russia were working together to double the range of the BrahMos missile from its current range to make it more dangerous to enemies. While Beijing itself has a number of lethal weapons at hand, it would still be in a vulnerable position if any of its enemy states acquire a supersonic missile which can deliver deadly warhead at a lightning speed. While Russia enjoys a strategic relationship with Beijing, it is India that has a deep-rooted rivalry with China.

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