Cancer Treatment – Top Oncologists Suggest New Approach For Cancer Treatment

Cancer Treatment by the ‘Very Best’ Oncologists or Cancer Specialist Doctors in Delhi-NCR or India remains a myth as many patients continue to be distressed by indifferent and sometimes vague opinions on Cancer Treatment.

Many Cancer Specialist Doctors greatly differ in the treatment plan and the modus-operandi, and critics have consistently accused the doctors of being more interested in revenues than the welfare of the patients.

Dr Jawahar Ticku, a Leading Cancer Specialist Doctor in Delhi, in a conversation with EurAsian Times, explains Modern Approach to Cancer Treatment and mistakes that fellow Oncologists make while treating Cancer Patients.

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Cancer Treatment in Delhi: Basic Information on Cancer

You may already have done a lot of research, but we still try to make an attempt to explain about Cancer in layman’s language, it’s symptoms and how and where can you get best Cancer Treatment in Delhi-NCR and other parts of India.

Cancer, medically termed as a malignant neoplasm, is a broad group disease, which aids significant cell multiplication. In cancer, cells divide and grow wildly, and attacks the body. Cancer starts when cell change abnormally and the abnormal cells divide and start spreading uncontrollably. Some of the cancer cells may even spread to the other tissues as well. Cancer gets initiated when there is a change in any one or a group of cells. There are signals being sent to the body to control how much and how often the cells should divide.

However, if any of the signals become faulty or missing, it may lead to an abnormal multiplication of cells. When the cells multiply too much, they form a lump, which is referred to as a tumour. Tumours can be a benign (non-cancerous) or a malignant (cancerous).

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Symptoms of Cancer

Before approaching an oncologist or exploring options for Cancer Treatment in Delhi, you must self-analyze any symptoms of Cancer. This approach will help in self-diagnosis (even in the 1st stage) and you could clearly explain your problem to the Oncologist.

You may Observe the Following Changes
  • Change in Voice Patterns
  • Relentless Coughing (this could be accompanied with or without blood)
  • A Wound / Cut / Infection that does not easily Heal
  • Unexplained Fever for Long Durations
  • Sudden Weight Loss
  • Sweating during your Sleep
  • Difficulty in Swallowing Food
  • Intermittent Diarrhea or Constipation
  • Unusual Lump or Swelling on any part of the Body

Cancer Treatment in Delhi: Key Steps

Cancer Treatment in Delhi and in-fact across the world has revolutionized, but sadly in this 21st century, we measure the survival of Cancer Patients in Months. Complete Cancer Treatment and Recovery, even by the Best Cancer Specialists Doctors and Top Oncologists, is extremely rare, especially if it has been diagnosed at an advanced stage.

Many hospitals have mushroomed for Cancer Treatment in Delhi-NCR, who have installed modern and fancy gadgets. These so-called untried modern techniques and random experiments only add misery to Cancer patients while generating massive revenue for the greedy businessman. Highly expensive protocols of chemotherapy are being used by Best Cancer Specialists with very limited additional benefits to the patient except for the physical and financial loss to the patients.

New Approach to Cancer Treatment

As an alternate approach for Cancer Treatment in Delhi, we have got the best results when we treated cancer patients with low doses of continuous treatment. This works on the homoeopathy principle, where diluting the drug and repeated treatment increases the potency of the drug after which the drugs start to have a better penetration power (into the tumour cells).

Presently the nanotechnology is being tried on the same principle which is possibly the future of many treatments. This method is also advisable for better tolerability, fewer side effects and definitely better response to treatment.

Cancer Treatment Recommendations

Dr. Jawahar Ticku recommends patients to seek the advice of those oncologists and cancer specialist doctor in Delhi-NCR, who have experience and the vision to undertake such a combined approach to the Cancer treatment. Dr. Ticku also suggests his fellow Cancer Specialist Doctors, to adopt a patient-friendly approach, rather than a pocket-friendly approach.

There are other theories like yin and young, acid and basic medium concept in the management of the disease. Patients who are in stable health conditions should be given a trial with such methods, for a better quality of life.

Finally, Dr. Ticku says he has observed that all these combined modalities of cancer treatment have better outcomes, as they potentiate the effect of one another, requires lower doses of drugs with moderate or negative side effects, while patients develop endurance to tolerate the treatment.

You can connect with Dr Jawahar Ticku directly at or at +91-
Dr. Jawahar Ticku is a leading Cancer Specialist Doctor and Oncologist in Delhi, who completed his M.D from Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER-Chandigarh), followed by Cancer Specialist Program from the Royal College, London, United Kingdom. Besides having worked with various Indian hospitals, Dr. Jawahar Ticku has also gained tremendous experience in Cancer Treatment in the Middle East and the United Kingdom.

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