Catalonia Crisis: Interests of Entire Europe at Stake

The Catalan problem affects the interests of the whole of Europe. This was stated by Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy in an interview published on Sunday. “This [the situation in Catalonia] is a battle of Europe,” he said. According to the prime minister, “European values are at stake right now.” “We need to win the battle,” he added.

At the same time, according to Rahoy, the Spanish authorities do not need any mediation to settle the situation in Catalonia. According to him, “we need to thank” all those who wish to play the role of mediators in solving the Catalan problem.

Commenting on the possibility of applying Article 155 of the constitution of the kingdom, which will deprive Catalonia the status of autonomy, he noted: “I do not exclude absolutely nothing that the law allows.” “We should do everything in a timely manner, what is most important at the moment,” the premier said, “it would be ideal not to make dramatic decisions.”

He added that “the civil guards and the national police will be in Catalonia until the situation returns to normal.” Rakhoy also specified that he does not plan to announce the holding of new general elections due to the situation in the autonomous community.
On October 1 in Catalonia, a vote was taken on the withdrawal from Spain, according to which 90.18% of the participants in the referendum voted for the independence of the autonomous community. Madrid considers the referendum illegitimate and refuses to recognize the results of the vote. In Barcelona, even before the plebiscite, it was announced that its results would have legal and legally binding force. On October 10, in Catalonia, a meeting of the parliament with the participation of the head of the autonomy Carles Puigdemona should take place.