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No More’ Says Donald Trump On Financial Aid To Pakistan

US President Donald Trump in his first controversial tweet of the year wrote that the US has given Pakistan more than USD 33 billion over the...

Has Donald Trump Cancelled His State Visit to the UK, Fearing Mass Protests?

Has Donald Trump Cancelled His State Visit to the UK? US President Donald Trump has dropped his plans to inaugurate the new US embassy...

War in Asia Pacific and Europe Inevitable: US Marine Corps

Why is Europe perturbed by the General of US Marine Corps announcement? The US Marine Corps is trying to smooth out the statements of...

Why Does Donald Trump Want to Spend 1 Trillion Dollars?

Why does Donald Trump want to spend 1 Trillion Dollars? One of the key campaign promises of the US President Donald Trump, along with tax...

Why is the US Purchasing Russian Fighter Aircrafts like Mig-29 & SU-27?

Why are US companies purchasing Russian Fighter Aircrafts and other Soviet -era Military jets like SU-27 and Mig-29? Russian Fighter Aircrafts are being purchased by American...

After Geneva and London, Free Balochistan Ad’s Appear in New York

After the European cities of Geneva and London, Free Balochistan adverts have started to appear on yellow cabs in New York. The biggest questions...

United States Disqualified from Middle East Peace Process

The United States "disqualified" itself from the Middle East Peace Process after the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. This was stated by...

Russia Warns Canada of Severe Consequences

Selling of American and Canadian weapons to Ukraine are pushing the country into a new military conflict. This was stated by the first deputy...

Sale of US’s Javelin ATGM to Georgia Worries Russia

Why is Georgia acquiring Javelin ATGM? US-Georgian military cooperation is ready to reach new levels after Tbilisi is going to acquire a significant number...

Prepare For War with North Korea : Government Advisers Urges China

Chinese Government advisers and a retired senior military officer warned that China must be prepared for war anytime with North Korea. The risk of...

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Free Karachi Campaign: After Baloch, Now Muhajirs Turn Against Pakistan

After Free Balochistan Campaign, why has Free Karachi Campaign started to appear? As per sources, an organization American Muhajirs (Indian Muslims emigrating to Pakistan...

Nationalism or Vandalism – Challenges for Indian Movie Padmaavat / Padmaavati

The Supreme Court of India on Thursday, January 18th, gave its nod for the release of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmavati (now titled as Padmaavat). The...

Australian and Indian Air Force Participate in Exercise Pitch Black 2018

The Indian Air Force is all set to be a part of the Exercise Pitch Black scheduled in Australia. Australia’s Defence Minister Christopher Pyne while...