Monday, September 26, 2022


India-China Border Tensions Could Prompt Delhi To Reconsider US’ F-21 Fighter Jets – Experts

Experts claim that border tensions between India and China could pave way for F-21 fighter jets to grace the Indian air force despite Indian...

Anti-China ‘QUAD Alliance’ Between US, India, Australia & Japan Could Soon Be A Reality

The QUAD alliance could soon be a reality as India is prepared to allow Australia to join the annual trilateral Malabar naval exercise involving...

Indian-Chinese Border Dispute Direct Result Of US’ ‘Financial Actions’ Against Beijing: Experts

The dispute between the Indian-Chinese border troops started when China objected to the construction of a road in the Galwan valley by the Indian BRO. Experts link the US angle to India-China border dispute.

Trump’s Mediation Offer ‘Naive’; US Actually Wants India To Challenge Chinese Dominance: Russian Experts

As Trump’s offer to mediate the India-China border conflict has publically failed, experts argue that “Washington’s policy-makers, who seek to pit the Indians against...

US congratulates 3 Indian companies that NASA selected to design ventilators for COVID-19 patients

Washington D.C., June 3 -- : The US has congratulated three Indian companies NASA selected to make a ventilator specifically designed to treat COVID-19 patients. "Congrats to the 3 Indian companies @NASA selected to make a ventilator specifically designed to treat COVID19 patients. Only 21 licenses were granted worldwide -- a testament to the grantees & the importance of the US-India partnership to combat COVID19," said the Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs in a tweet. It made the comments re-tweeting a May 30 tweet by NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which said: "Manufacturers were selected to make our #COVID19-specific ventilator, VITAL. It's simpler and more affordable than traditional ventilators, freeing the latter for more severe symptoms. Its design can be used in field hospitals." According to a release from NASA on May 29 -- VITAL (Ventilator Intervention Technology Accessible Locally), the high-pressure ventilator was designed to use one-seventh the parts of a traditional ventilator, relying on parts already available in supply chains. "It offers a simpler, more affordable option for treating critical patients while freeing up traditional ventilators for those with the most severe COVID-19 symptoms. Its flexible design means it also can be modified for use in field hospitals" the release said.For any query with respect to this article or any other content requirement, please contact Editor at [email protected] Asian News International