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A Dangerous Cold War is Brewing between US, Russia and China – A Three...

The 20th-Century cold war was grave but the current cold war between the US, against Russia and China is touted to be far more...

Commonwealth Games 2018: Australia Deploys F-18 Fighter Jets for the CWG Games

The opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games (CWG Games 2018), to be held in Queensland, Australia has become the biggest security event the town...

After US-Russia Cold War, Are India-China Headed Towards the Same Path?

The US-Russia Cold War has been prevalent for quite some time, but is there a ‘new’ cold war around the corner? The Indian media...

Beijing Flirts with Hanoi to Counter India-Vietnam Relations and Control South China Sea

The South China Sea has become the most discussed and debated topic in the recent past. With China expanding its reach over the South...

China’s “String of Pearls” Strategy Resulted in India’s 1st Loss at the Indian Ocean

India is aggressively looking to counter China's String of Pearls Strategy in the Indian Ocean. But how did India lose its first strategic battle...

Delhi Looking to Improve India-China Ties while Sidelining Dalai Lama & the Tibetan Cause

India-China Ties have been fragile as both nations have been trying to assert power. Border tensions, Trade, and the Tibetan Cause along with Delhi's...

How the Chinese Military Plans a Massive Attack with its Missile Defence System?

The Chinese Military is building a radar with their missile defence system technology to fight its current biggest enemy. Chinese Military scientists are developing...

US-China War Possible over South China Sea Dispute?

Is US-China War really possible over South China Sea Dispute? The US-China Relations are severed at many levels including the recent Trade War, and...

China’s 1st Domestically Built Aircraft Carrier Set For Trials; Ready to Counter US, India

The Type 001A aircraft carrier is China’s first domestically built carrier. After successful production, the aircraft carrier is now ready for the next phase...
Chinese-President-Xi -Jinping

North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un Meets Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, made an expected but surprising visit to Beijing, meeting Chinese President Xi Jinping weeks before agreed meetings with the...

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Kashmir Protests Over Kathua Rape Case Reach London with PM Modi

Kashmir Protests and Indian PM Modi reach London. During his London Trip, PM Narendra Modi was greeted by a mob of protestors protesting against...

Will Russia-France Relations Crumble Due to War in Syria and Oil Price Hike?

Are Russia-France Relations under pressure due to Oil Price Hike and War in Syria? While the Senator from France believes that the Russia-France Relations...

How Shia-Sunni Conflict Brews Islamic Radicalisation in India? Israel Media

How is the Shia-Sunni Conflict linked to the Islamic Radicalisation in India? Religious extremism is the foundation of global terrorism and with India becoming...

Is JF-17 Thunder Fighter Jet a Better Choice than HAL Tejas?

With reports of Malaysia and Pakistan discussing the export of the JF-17 Thunder Fighter Jet, comparisons between Pakistan’s JF-17 Thunder and the Indian HAL...