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From Asia to Africa, India-Japan Defence Partnership Aggressively Countering China

One reason why India-Japan Defence Partnership and Relations blossomed is due to Chinese hostility and belligerence at the Indian Ocean. India and Japan have collaborated...

Duterte Threatens “China-Philippines War” Over South China Sea Conflict

Why have Philippines-China Relations deteriorated so much that Manila has threatened a war with China? The Foreign Secretary of the Philipines has warned that Philippines-China...

Indian Military Base in Sabang, Indonesia can Strangle China at the Strait of Malacca

Why is China anxious about Indian investment and possible military base in Sabang port in Indonesia?  Indonesia permitted India to invest in Sabang port,...

Indian Bans Import of Betel Nuts, Key Ingredient for “Paan” Mouth Freshener

New Delhi has set stringent import ban on betel nuts, a key ingredient for "Paan" mouth freshener commonly used in India. According to officials of...

India-North Korea Relations Top Priority for Modi Government

Why are strong India-North Korea Relations essential for New Delhi's international policy? After U.S. President Donald Trump called off a historic summit with North...

Indonesian Tourism Board to Attract Indian Tourists Visiting Malaysia, Singapore

How does the Tourism Board of Indonesia Plan to attract Indian Tourists visiting Malaysia and Singapore? The Indonesian government has started working on to...

Trump’s ‘Hostile’ Trade Adviser to Participate in US-China Trade War Talks

The US-China Trade War has been escalating and numerous new aspects and events are fuelling the issue. The US President, Donald Trump, has now included...

Indian Trained Buddhist Monks Banned From Teaching Buddhism in China

Why are Indian Educated Buddhist Monks banned from teaching Buddhism in China? According to a Chinese official, Buddhist Monks who are wrongly educated in...

North Korea Starts to Dismantle Punggye-ri Nuclear Test Site

North Korea has started to dismantle the facilities of the Punggye-ri Nuclear Test Site in the north-east of the country. This is stated in a report...

With Anti Islam Drive, Hui Muslims in China Under Severe Threat and Persecution

The Hui Muslims in China are worried about losing their religion. Beijing is imposing Chinese characteristics on Islam upsetting the Hui Muslims. Domes and...

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Russia Slams Canada Over Remarks On Its Democracy

Russia-Canada relations have started to simmer due to Canada's remarks. Russia took a strong objection to Canada’s statements on the state of democracy in...

Why are Chinese Tourists Thronging Japan?

Why are Chinese tourists thronging Japan? According to Japan Times, the approximate number tourists visiting Japan increased by 16.6% from a year earlier to...

Kazakhstan-Russia Ties: Why is Kazakhstan Banning Imports of Russian Fuel?

Why is Kazakhstan planning to ban Russian Fuel? Are Kazakhstan-Russia relations falling apart? The Minister of Energy of Kazakhstan, Kanat Bozumbayev said that until the end...

Mumbai Attack Mastermind, JuD Chief, Hafiz Saeed Not a Terrorist: USA

The CIA describes the VHP and Bajrang Dal as religious militant organisations while Hafiz Saeed led Jamat Ud Dawah (JuD), and surprisingly even the...