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India-China Compete Aggressively at Dhaka Stock Exchange in Bangladesh

India and China are going head to head for a large stake in the Dhaka Stock Exchange. The chief executive of Dhaka Stock Exchange...

UAE Investments in Kazakhstan: Will UAE Invest $ 20 Billion in Kazakhstan?

Astana is keen to attract UAE Investments in Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan prepared proposals on investments for businessmen from the United Arab Emirates for a total...

Why is China so Interested & West Disturbed by China’s Arctic Policy?

China's Arctic Policy seems to have perturbed the Western Nations. What is China's Arctic Policy and why are they suddenly showing a sudden interest...

How Unknown Chinese Company Xiaomi Trumped Samsung To Lead India’s Smartphone Market

How Unknown Chinese Company Xiaomi Trumped Samsung To Lead India’s Smartphone Market? A research by Canalys has shown that Xiaomi has turned out to...

Which Asian Country Surpassed the US for No.1 Spot at Bloomberg Innovation Index?

The Bloomberg Innovation Index 2018 is finally out with some astonishing results. For the first time in six years, the United States has slipped out...

Why Does Donald Trump Want to Spend 1 Trillion Dollars?

Why does Donald Trump want to spend 1 Trillion Dollars? One of the key campaign promises of the US President Donald Trump, along with tax...

Fate of Worlds Largest Aircraft Airbus A380 Rests on the UAE

European Airbus Corporation may withdraw the world's largest aircraft Airbus A380 if the authorities of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) refuse to purchase these aircrafts. The Airbus...

Russia Warns Canada of Severe Consequences

Selling of American and Canadian weapons to Ukraine are pushing the country into a new military conflict. This was stated by the first deputy...

North Korean Cyber Group Seeks to Woo Bitcoin Job Seekers

Why is North Korea enticing Bitcoin Job Seekers? The soaring price of the crypto-currencies in the international market has grabbed the attention of not...

BAIC Motor China: Petrol Vehicles Nearing End, May Shut by 2025

China's largest state-owned automaker BAIC Motor has said that the sale of Petrol Vehicles will be banned by 2025. Beijing is considering taking all...

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Is India Pakistan War on Cards After Indian Minister Threatens to Invade Pakistan

Even a mention of India Pakistan War send shivers down the spine. But is India Pakistan War Really on the Cards, since both of...

F-35 India Deal: Is India Acquiring F-35 Lightning II Fighter Aircraft from the US?

Has the Indian Air Force requested for a briefing by Lockheed Martin on F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter? According to a high-ranking US...

Lahore Attacks aimed at Disrupting the Pakistan Super League (PSL) Matches?

Are Lahore Attacks aimed at disrupting the Pakistan Super League (PSL) Matches? Why are people of Pakistan accusing Indian agency RAW for the Lahore Attacks?...

Syria War: 7 Things You Need to Know About the Syria War

Syria War has led to massive destruction and loss of lives in the region. Almost all major superpowers like US, EU, and Russia are...