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Why These Countries Did Not Expel Russian Diplomats for Skripal Poisoning

More than two dozen countries have expelled Russian Diplomats in connection with the poisoning of the former GRU officer Sergei Skripal and his daughter...

US Provoking Arms Race in the Asia Pacific Region – Russia

Why is Russia accusing the US of provoking Arms Race in the Asia Pacific Region?  Moscow has alleged that the US forces deployed in the Asia...
Russia-Pakistan Relations

Booming US-India Ties Creates Platform for Strong Russia-Pakistan Relations?

The US-Russia Cold War has given birth to new ties and relationships. The blossoming of India-US Ties and deteriorating US-Pakistan Relations has led to...

Arctic LNG Plant Completes First Shipment from Russia to India

India has received its very first delivery from Russia’s Arctic LNG Plant. A tanker from the Arctic LNG plant has reached India; a great...

US-China Trade War Impacts Global Economies, Hits Russia

US-China Trade War: Markets around the world are falling after the initiation of US-China Trade War. The trade war between the US and China -...

Aegis Missile Defense System: The US Missile Shield Deployment in Japan Threatens Russia’s Security

The Aegis Missile Defense System is a global defense system with a dual-purpose capability and potential. The deployment of the Aegis missile defense system...

UK Expels 23 Russian Diplomats over Poisoning of Sergei Skripal

Russian Politicians condemned the British authorities, which announced the expulsion of 23 Russian Diplomats and the suspension of contacts with Russia at the highest...

Russian Intercontinental Sarmat Missile Ready to Take on NATO

The latest Russian Intercontinental Ballistic Missile "Sarmat" is being prepared at the Plesetsk Space Centre in Russia, according to General Valery Gerasimov. The RS-28 Sarmat Missile...

US Ready to Strike Syria if the UN Fails to Achieve Ceasefire in East...

The US is willing to attack Syria again if the United Nations (UN) fails to accomplish a ceasefire in the East Ghouta region. This...

Threatened by Russia, NATO Pushes for Military Schengen Zone

The creation of so-called "Military Schengen" Zone, proposed to fasten the transportation of NATO forces to the Russian borders has become a new priority...

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Kashmir Protests Over Kathua Rape Case Reach London with PM Modi

Kashmir Protests and Indian PM Modi reach London. During his London Trip, PM Narendra Modi was greeted by a mob of protestors protesting against...

Will Russia-France Relations Crumble Due to War in Syria and Oil Price Hike?

Are Russia-France Relations under pressure due to Oil Price Hike and War in Syria? While the Senator from France believes that the Russia-France Relations...

How Shia-Sunni Conflict Brews Islamic Radicalisation in India? Israel Media

How is the Shia-Sunni Conflict linked to the Islamic Radicalisation in India? Religious extremism is the foundation of global terrorism and with India becoming...

Is JF-17 Thunder Fighter Jet a Better Choice than HAL Tejas?

With reports of Malaysia and Pakistan discussing the export of the JF-17 Thunder Fighter Jet, comparisons between Pakistan’s JF-17 Thunder and the Indian HAL...