Thursday, October 6, 2022


Not S-400s, Russia To Deploy ‘Unique’ S-350 Anti-Ballistic Missiles Against NATO – Reports

The Vityaz S-350 anti-aircraft missile system is expected to bolster the defence of southern Russia and should enter service in 2021.

UK Acknowledges The Might Of Turkish Bayraktar Drones; Seeks To Modify Its Own UAV’s

The Bayraktar Tactical UAS is a surveillance and reconnaissance unmanned aircraft system used by the Turkish Armed Forces. It is developed by the Kale-Baykar, a joint venture between the Kale Group and Baykar Technologies.

Rot-Front – The Last German Village of Kyrgyzstan

5,500 km from Berlin, Germany, at the foot of Tian Shan Mountains in Kyrgyzstan, lies a German village. Home to Germans whose ancestors migrated...

China Vows To Halt The UK In Granting Residency to Hong Kongers

The Chinese government has vowed to halt the United Kingdom (UK) from granting residency to Hong Kongers. China says that it will take corresponding...

UK Fears Losing Their Indian Ocean Military Base In Mauritius To China?

Why is the UK apprehensive about its strategic military base in Mauritius in the Indian Ocean? British MP Daniel Kawczynski has expressed concern over...