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Women’s Rights Activists in Saudi Arabia Labelled As Agents of Iran and Qatar

Female activists who fought a long war for women rights in Saudi Arabia continue to find themselves behind the prison. Saudi Arabia driving ban...

After India, Malaysia Rejects China’s One Belt One Road Initiative?

The newly formed government in Malaysia is apprehensive of China's One Belt One Road Initiative (OBOR). The Mahathir Mohamad government is not very keen...

Indian Army Continues to Bleed, 4 Assam Rifles Soldiers Killed in Nagaland

The Indian Army continues to bleed against the evil of terrorism. After continuous violence in Kashmir, Indian Army suffered heavy casualties in Nagaland, the North...

Why Chinese Political System Brought Prosperity, While Indian Democracy Failed?

What are the demerits of Indian Democracy compared to Chinese Political system? Until the 1950s, India’s per capita GDP (gross domestic product) was higher...

How can Indian Army Retaliate Against Pakistan for Aurangzeb Khan’s Murder?

The brutal murder of abducted Indian Army soldier, Aurangzeb Khan, and the assassination of Indian journalist Shujaat Bukhari have really strained India-Pakistan relations. The...

Why the US Supports Israel in Israel-Palestine Conflict?

Why the US Supports Israel in Israel-Palestine Conflict? Since March 30, the Israeli security forces have killed at least 130 Palestinians and injured more...

US-China Trade War: China Retaliates within Minutes to US Tariffs

The US-China Trade War seems to be heating up as China retaliated within minutes after the US imposed tariffs on China. The US imposed tariffs...

Putin-Kim Meeting Next on Cards After Trump-Kim Summit?

Is  Putin-Kim Meeting Next on Cards, after the world witnessed a historic summit between the US and North Korea. The Trump-Kim Meeting in Singapore...

Can there be a China-India Oil Alliance amid Differences?

Can the bitterness in India-China Relations be addressed by a China-India Oil Alliance? While both India and China aim to form an alliance of...

Indian IT Professionals Flock Canada via Express Entry Program

Indians, especially IT Professionals, seem to have taken the maximum leverage from Canada's Express Entry System. Canada's Express Entry Draw which is its premier...

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Russia Slams Canada Over Remarks On Its Democracy

Russia-Canada relations have started to simmer due to Canada's remarks. Russia took a strong objection to Canada’s statements on the state of democracy in...

Why are Chinese Tourists Thronging Japan?

Why are Chinese tourists thronging Japan? According to Japan Times, the approximate number tourists visiting Japan increased by 16.6% from a year earlier to...

Kazakhstan-Russia Ties: Why is Kazakhstan Banning Imports of Russian Fuel?

Why is Kazakhstan planning to ban Russian Fuel? Are Kazakhstan-Russia relations falling apart? The Minister of Energy of Kazakhstan, Kanat Bozumbayev said that until the end...

Mumbai Attack Mastermind, JuD Chief, Hafiz Saeed Not a Terrorist: USA

The CIA describes the VHP and Bajrang Dal as religious militant organisations while Hafiz Saeed led Jamat Ud Dawah (JuD), and surprisingly even the...