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Tillerson Says Possible Sanctions Against Myanmar for Rohingya Crisis

Rex Tillerson is on a visit to Myanmar to work on Rohingya Crisis. Washington is considering the possibility of imposing individual sanctions against the...

What led to the Military Coup in Zimbabwe & Ouster of Robert Mugabe?

So, What led to the Military Coup in Zimbabwe and Ouster of Robert Mugabe? On Wednesday, November 15, a group of servicemen took control of...

Did Saudi Arabia Really Kidnap Lebanon PM Saad Hariri?

A Middle Eastern News Agency quoted the Lebanese sources as saying that Saudi Arabia decided to remove the outgoing Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri...
US-South Korea

US-South Korea Naval Exercise Perturbs North Korea

US-South Korea naval forces began joint maneuvers on Saturday in the waters of the Korean peninsula with the participation of three American nuclear aircraft...

Putin, Trump Meet on Sidelines of APEC

Trump and Putin Finally Meet: Russian President Vladimir Putin welcomed the handshake of US President Donald Trump at the APEC summit. This opportunity of Putin...
Nayyar Iqbl -Rana- Pakistani -diplomatic

Pakistani Diplomat – Nayyar Iqbal Rana Shot Dead in Afghanistan

Nayyar Iqbal Rana, a Pakistani diplomatic was shot dead by a gunman on Monday evening near eastern Afghanistan where he was residing. He was an employee at...

US-North Korea: How will North Korea React to US Invasion?

US-North Korea Escalating Tensions: President Donald Trump said that Japan could shoot down North Korean missiles with the help of US air defense systems...

714 Indians involved in skirting taxes : Paradise Papers

International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) has released documents called 'Paradise Papers'. It contains 1.34 crore documents. The disclosure depicts about the firms and...

ICC Prosecutor to Investigate Afghan War Crimes

Afghan War Crimes to be Investigated: The chief prosecutor of the The International Criminal Court's (ICC) has announced that she wants to start an...

Trump’s China Tour: Business and North Korea on Agenda

US President Donald Trump's China Tour Commences Soon: About 40 heads of US corporations will accompany US President Donald Trump during his state visit...

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Which Country has the Best International Image?

According to the latest Nation Brands Index, Germany enjoys the best international image of all the countries in the world. The survey found that...

Are Saudi-Israel Boosting Relations to Counter Iran?

Are Saudi-Israel Relations on an Upswing? The Saudi Media interviewed the Chief of the General Staff of the Israeli Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Gadi...

Yes, I Slept with ’50 Very Attractive Females’ : Candidate for Ohio Governor

William O'Neill, the state Supreme Court justice, running for Ohio Governor shared elaborately about his sexual past in a candid manner. His post on...