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Pakistan US Relations: An Enemy is Better than a Backstabbing Friend!

Where are Pakistan US Relations Headed? An Enemy is Better than a Backstabbing Friend - this definition was given to the United States by...

How Education Is Bridging the India China Border

Wars, disputes and differences, on one hand, the India China border is bridged by the pursuit of education. Although Indian students have been travelling...

India Israel Relations Beckon New Horizons

How will India Israel relations shape up after recent UNGA vote? The recent meeting of the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi and the...

Islamic State in Afghanistan: Will Kabul be the Next IS Capital?

Analysts claim that the Islamic State in Afghanistan has been aided by the common and middle-class people in Afghanistan who have endorsed the extreme form of barbarity. In...

No More’ Says Donald Trump On Financial Aid To Pakistan

US President Donald Trump in his first controversial tweet of the year wrote that the US has given Pakistan more than USD 33 billion over the...

Putin Chides the US, Says We Know Who is Behind the Syrian Attacks

What does Russian President Vladimir Putin know about the Syrian Attacks? Putin has claimed that Syrian Attacks on the Russian Airbase in Khmeimim were aimed...

Why is Japan Worried by Worsening Crisis on the Korean Peninsula?

With the ongoing tensions in the Korean Peninsula, Japan is keen to maintain close collaboration with Russia and China on the issue of North Korea. This...

Putin, Netanyahu Agree to Discuss Syria and Iran

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu agreed to hold a bilateral meeting in a telephonic conversation. This was reported by the press...

How Robust are Turkey Russia Relations? EurAsian Times

How good are Turkey Russia Relations? Despite initial hiccups between both the nations and despite Turkey being a NATO member, Turkey Russia Relations seems...

Will Japan Deploy New F-35 Fighter Jets on Aircraft Carriers?

The Ministry of Defense of Japan is considering the possibility of acquiring fifth-generation F-35 Fighter Jets (Variant B) for placement on Izumo-type Aircraft Carriers...

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India, Pakistan Bury Hatchet and Work on TAPI Pipeline?

The construction of the 1,814 Kilometers long TAPI Pipeline, with a 33 billion cubic meters’ gas transfer capacity, is expected to begin from February...

Modi Government to Re-Look at Spike Anti Tank Missile Deal with Israel

After scrapping the $500 million Spike Anti Tank Missile Deal, the Indian government led by PM Narendra Modi is all set to re-look at...

Russia Gazes, while US-Kazakhstan Honour their Strategic Partnership & Support

US President Donald Trump met with the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev, on Tuesday, and assured the latter that the US would continue its support to Astana...