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Sunday, March 18, 2018
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Afghanistan’s Trade Shifts from Karachi to Indian Funded Chabahar Port

Over 80% of Afghanistan’s cargo traffic has shifted from the Karachi seaport to Abbas & Chabahar Port in Iran. The move comes as a...

Opposition Attacks Indian Government Over Rafale Fighter Jet Deal with France

Why is Indian Opposition Calling Rafale Fighter Jet Deal a Scam? Congress party’s new president Rahul Gandhi has questioned the government over maintaining secrecy...

US Promises Full Support to ASEAN To Confront China on South China Sea Dispute

Why is the US supporting ASEAN Nations on South China Sea Dispute? Control over the South China Sea is a major dispute between ASEAN Nations and...

Why is China so Interested & West Disturbed by China’s Arctic Policy?

China's Arctic Policy seems to have perturbed the Western Nations. What is China's Arctic Policy and why are they suddenly showing a sudden interest...

Qatar Offers USA To Make Permanent Base at Al-Udeid Air Base

Why does Qatar want to make the Al-Udeid Air Base permanent for the USA? The defence minister of Qatar has announced plans to add...

Netanyahu To Meet Putin To Discuss Russia-Israel Relations

On his brief official visit to Russia, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu is expected to attend a meeting held by the Russian President Vladimir Putin on...

Medical Tourism In India Blooms Despite India-China Tensions

Tensions between India-China along the border are not the only thing on the rise; Medical Tourism in India has also increased significantly with a...

India Origin, UK Born Youth Siddhartha Dhar Designated as a Global Terrorist

The Indian community was hit with a shocking news when an Indian-origin youth Siddhartha Dhar was declared a global terrorist by the US State Department. Siddhartha...

Why are ASEAN Leaders Thronging India on 26th January, Republic Day 2018?

On 26th January 2018, 10 ASEAN Leaders will be the Guest of Honour at the Indian Republic Day 2018. This is the first time in...

‘Will Annihilate US Forces in Syria: Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan responded to the announcement by the United States on Sunday that it plans to set up 30,000-strong border force in Northern Syria...

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Is India Pakistan War on Cards After Indian Minister Threatens to Invade Pakistan

Even a mention of India Pakistan War send shivers down the spine. But is India Pakistan War Really on the Cards, since both of...

F-35 India Deal: Is India Acquiring F-35 Lightning II Fighter Aircraft from the US?

Has the Indian Air Force requested for a briefing by Lockheed Martin on F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter? According to a high-ranking US...

Lahore Attacks aimed at Disrupting the Pakistan Super League (PSL) Matches?

Are Lahore Attacks aimed at disrupting the Pakistan Super League (PSL) Matches? Why are people of Pakistan accusing Indian agency RAW for the Lahore Attacks?...

Syria War: 7 Things You Need to Know About the Syria War

Syria War has led to massive destruction and loss of lives in the region. Almost all major superpowers like US, EU, and Russia are...