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Why Shia Hazara Community of Pakistan & Afghanistan Are Being Targeted?

Following a series of targeted killings in Quetta, the Shia Hazara Community of "Muslims" in Pakistan turned to protests and rallies. The Shia Hazara...

After India-France Treaty, French-Australia Treaty on Cards to Counter Chinese Hegemony

After India-France Treaty, is the French-Australia Treaty on the cards to counter evergrowing Chinese influence? The expanding Chinese influence over the Pacific has alarmed the...

Despite US Army Presence, Afghan Taliban Still Control 44% of Afghanistan

Despite the presence of US Army in Afghanistan, Afghan Taliban still controls around 44% of Afghanistan. SIGAR (Special Investigator General for Afghanistan Reconstruction) reported that...

Which Country Beat India, Russia to Emerge World’s 3rd Biggest Defence Spender?

Which Country Surpassed India, Russia to Emerge World's 3rd Biggest Defence Spender? India has joined the US and China as one of the world’s...

India-China Relations Improving After Delhi Acknowledges Beijing’s Might: China

India-China Relations have started to improve with the collective effort by both New Delhi and Beijing. Despite few hiccups in Doklam and Maldives, It...

US, UK, France Attack Syria in Response to Chemical Attack

American President Donald Trump announced military strikes on Syria in response to alleged Chemical Attacks. As he spoke, explosions rocked the Syrian Capital, Damascus....

ISIS in Kashmir: Has the Islamic State Infiltrated Kashmir?

The terror of ISIS in Kashmir is rising. Parts of Kashmir, under the Indian administration, is gripped by the alleged presence of ISIS in...

Rohingya Crisis: Myanmar Govt. Luring People to Inhabit the Abandoned Rohingya Land

The Rohingya Crisis seems to have gained momentum again. The Authorities of Myanmar are carrying out the task of luring the people to move in...

Malala Yousufzai’s Story of Struggle and Receiving Hate from Pakistan

Nobel Peace Prize Winner Malala Yousufzai came back to her country of origin -  Pakistan for the first time after she was wounded by...

Is the Indian Army Losing Grip with Escalating Violence in Kashmir?

Is the Indian Army really losing control with rising Violence in Kashmir? Sepetarism and Violence in Kashmir have been major issues that the Indian...

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Saudi Arabia Seeks Support of Bollywood to Establish Arab’s Biggest Film Industry

Why is Saudi Arabia keen to collaborate with the Indian film industry and Bollywood? The Indian film industry which includes Bollywood is the world’s...

Nipah Virus Spreads in India: What are its Symptoms and Treatment?

Nipah Virus Spreads in India - but what are its causes, symptoms and treatment? The state of Kerala, in southern India, is on high alert...

KADEX 2018: Russia Set to Unveil Weapons in Astana, Kazakhstan

KADEX 2018 - The fifth International Exhibition of Weapons and Military-Technical Property (KADEX 2018) opened in the Kazakh capital, Astana. According to the Ministry of...

Did Indian PM Order the Abduction of Dubai Princess Sheikha Latifa?

How is the Indian PM Narendra Modi linked with Dubai Princess Sheikha Latifa bint Mohammed Al Maktoum, the daughter of the ruler of Dubai? Sheikha Latifa appeared in...