Tuesday, October 19, 2021


India vs Pakistan: Why Are India’s COVID-19 Cases Inflating While Pakistan Has Almost Overcome The Pandemic?

While India has literally been brought to its knees by the COVID-19 pandemic with almost 100,000 cases reported daily, the number of coronavirus cases...

Which Ten Countries Are 100% COVID-19 Free With Zero Cases?

The COVID-19 pandemic has ravaged the entire world, with as many as 23 million cases reported globally and at least 8,00,000 deaths, according to...

India Biggest Borrower From China-Based Bank For COVID-19 Relief Fund

India has emerged as the top borrower from the Beijing based Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) bank with a whopping $4.5 billion in loans...

COVID-19: Nearly 25% Of Delhi’s Population Have Developed Antibodies For COVID-19

COVID-19 Delhi, India: "The study also indicates that a large number of infected persons remain asymptomatic," the ministry said in a statement.

Russia Successfully Completes 1st Phase of COVID-19 Vaccine Trials

Russia COVID-19 Vaccine: 2 groups of volunteers discharged from medical bodies after participating in trials of COVID-19 candidate vaccines