Saturday, May 15, 2021
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As Pakistan Deploys Chinese CH-4 Drones Near Kashmir, India Army Looks For Counter-Measures

Following the equipment list made by Indian Army’s 14 Corps to help them prepare for the long winter haul in Ladakh along the Line...

Is Aamir Khan Really More Dangerous Than Zakir Naik?

A message titled 'Why Aamir Khan is more Dangerous than Zakir Naik?' along with a morphed photograph of the Bollywood actor with the controversial...

Indian Rafale Jets Come Under Attack & Its Not China Or Pakistan

The controversy on the Rafale deal is certainly not over yet. Even after making an unconditional apology to the Supreme Court and its clean-chit...

After 72 Years & 91 Votes – Why Is Pakistan Again Claiming Junagadh?

Junagadh was a part of the Kathiawar region along with other princely states that had already acceded to India. However, on August 15, 1947, to everyone's surprise, Junagadh's Nawab, Mahabatkhan Rasulkhanji decided to accede to Pakistan even though he had earlier given the impression that the future of his state lies in joining India.

Kaziranga National Park Flooding Kills 11 Rare Rhinos In India

Wildlife experts say when dams release water, with monsoon rain, the water level increases in Kaziranga and other such areas which gives less time to wild animals to speculate.