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India Anxious as US Proposes Peace Talks with Afghan Taliban

The US has shown interest in holding peace talks with the Afghan Taliban has raised many eyebrows in India. After Afghanistan announced a unilateral...
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India-Pakistan Ceasefire Violation Claims Precious Lives on Both the Sides

The India-Pakistan dispute has been going on for a long time and despite various attempts to de-escalate the India-Pakistan tensions, all attempts have failed. Recently,...

What Can Kashmiri Pandits Learn from Jews and Parsis?

What is the similarity between Jews, Parsis and the Kashmiri Pandits? All the three communities have been in news due to their persecution and exodus...

Gilgit-Baltistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: India, Afghanistan Reject Pakistan’s Decision

Two major regions that Pakistan controls - Gilgit-Baltistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are in news again. India protested against Islamabad’s order to integrate Gilgit-Baltistan into Pakistan,...

Keyboard Warriors Spreading Fake News to Incite Violence in Jammu and Kashmir

After the terminology of Love Jihad, India seems to have come up with another terminology  - "Keyboard Jihad" or "Keyboard Warriors". The Police from the...

Al-Jazeera Criticises NYT Editorial on Kashmir Dispute, Kashmiri Pandits Ask Counter Questions

Who has the correct analysis on the Kashmir Dispute, Al-Jazeera (AJ) or the New York Times (NYT)? On May 18, NYT published an editorial...

Indian PM Set to Inaugurate Controversial Kishanganga Hydroelectric Project

Indian PM Narendra Modi is geared-up to inaugurate the 330-megawatt Kishanganga Hydroelectric Project on the Kishanganga River in Jammu and Kashmir’s Bandipora district on...

Will TAPI Pipeline Project Be Completed by 2019 amid India-Pakistan Tiff?

The Turkmenistan–Afghanistan–Pakistan–India Pipeline, TAPI Pipeline Project is being developed by the Galkynysh – TAPI Pipeline Company. The TAPI Pipeline Route Map is well defined; it will...

Why is Islamabad Planning to Ban Indian TV Channels in Pakistan?

Should Indian TV Channels in Pakistan be Banned? Many Pakistani actors and celebrities took to the Supreme Court to ban Indian TV Channels, including and...

Real Raazi Story: Who is the Real-Life Kashmiri Army Officer and Sehmat?

Bollywood movie Raazi, starring Alia Bhatt, has hit the box office with rave reviews. Raazi is a real story of a Kashmiri intelligence officer...

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Russia Slams Canada Over Remarks On Its Democracy

Russia-Canada relations have started to simmer due to Canada's remarks. Russia took a strong objection to Canada’s statements on the state of democracy in...

Why are Chinese Tourists Thronging Japan?

Why are Chinese tourists thronging Japan? According to Japan Times, the approximate number tourists visiting Japan increased by 16.6% from a year earlier to...

Kazakhstan-Russia Ties: Why is Kazakhstan Banning Imports of Russian Fuel?

Why is Kazakhstan planning to ban Russian Fuel? Are Kazakhstan-Russia relations falling apart? The Minister of Energy of Kazakhstan, Kanat Bozumbayev said that until the end...

Mumbai Attack Mastermind, JuD Chief, Hafiz Saeed Not a Terrorist: USA

The CIA describes the VHP and Bajrang Dal as religious militant organisations while Hafiz Saeed led Jamat Ud Dawah (JuD), and surprisingly even the...