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Thursday, April 19, 2018

India Puts SAARC in Limbo; Shoots Down SAARC Police Proposal

The South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation, SAARC, was founded in 1985. Nepal proposed the formation of a SAARC Police to deal with pressing...

Why is the Indian Ocean Vital for Pakistan’s Economic Interest?

The Indian Ocean is among the world’s largest oceans comprising nearly one‐fifth of the waters of the world. It is bounded by Asia on the north, Africa on...
India-Pakistan ties

CPEC Holds Potential to Build an Economic Bridge for Better India-Pakistan Ties: China

How can CPEC enhance India-Pakistan and India-China Relations? India-Pakistan ties have been severed over decades of animosity between the two nations. Constant ceasefire violations...

Pakistan Asserting Force and Pressure on Taliban for Peace Negotiations

Pakistan has detained some of the senior members of the Taliban, hoping to bring the group to peace negotiations. However, the former ambassador of...

ISIS in Kashmir: Has the Islamic State Infiltrated Kashmir?

The terror of ISIS in Kashmir is rising. Parts of Kashmir, under the Indian administration, is gripped by the alleged presence of ISIS in...

India-Pakistan War Possible Due to Ceasefire Violations and Kashmir Killings – Pakistan

Is India-Pakistan War on Cards due to the ongoing Kashmir Dispute and Border Conflict? The Defence Minister of Pakistan commented on the ongoing ceasefire...
Russia-Pakistan Relations

Booming US-India Ties Creates Platform for Strong Russia-Pakistan Relations?

The US-Russia Cold War has given birth to new ties and relationships. The blossoming of India-US Ties and deteriorating US-Pakistan Relations has led to...

Malala Yousufzai’s Story of Struggle and Receiving Hate from Pakistan

Nobel Peace Prize Winner Malala Yousufzai came back to her country of origin -  Pakistan for the first time after she was wounded by...

China Arms Pakistan with Superior Missile Tracking System To Overpower India

Pakistan has recently acquired a superior missile tracking system from China. For a long time now, China has been aiding Pakistan and this missile...

SAARC Summit 2018: Pakistan Works with Sri Lanka & Nepal to Convince India?

SAARC Summit 2018: The South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation or the SAARC Summit is held in different South Asian Nations, every 12-18 months....

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Kashmir Protests Over Kathua Rape Case Reach London with PM Modi

Kashmir Protests and Indian PM Modi reach London. During his London Trip, PM Narendra Modi was greeted by a mob of protestors protesting against...

Will Russia-France Relations Crumble Due to War in Syria and Oil Price Hike?

Are Russia-France Relations under pressure due to Oil Price Hike and War in Syria? While the Senator from France believes that the Russia-France Relations...

How Shia-Sunni Conflict Brews Islamic Radicalisation in India? Israel Media

How is the Shia-Sunni Conflict linked to the Islamic Radicalisation in India? Religious extremism is the foundation of global terrorism and with India becoming...

Is JF-17 Thunder Fighter Jet a Better Choice than HAL Tejas?

With reports of Malaysia and Pakistan discussing the export of the JF-17 Thunder Fighter Jet, comparisons between Pakistan’s JF-17 Thunder and the Indian HAL...