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Review of NMP Program at MDI-Gurgaon

Management Development Institute, Gurgaon (MDI-Gurgaon) is one of leading and top most business schools in India. Established in 1973 by Industrial Finance Corporation of India, MDI Gurgaon...

How is Oral Sex and Gonorrhea Linked?

Gonorrhea is becoming more difficult to treat, experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) said. Sexually transmitted infection becomes increasingly impervious to antibiotics. According to experts...

How Loud and Lousy TV Anchors are Embarrassing India?

While watching debates on newly launched Republic TV with my Friend from the UK, I was surprised how my friends reacted to the show....

How to Write a Review?

There might be numerous reasons why you may want to get your articles published or covered in the media. A story in any major...

How Does Performance related pay (PRP) Work?

Performance related pay (PRP) is not a new phenomenon as Beaumont points out, "it is important to recognize that “Performance Related Pay” is a...

What should be the Role of a Faculty in a Good Business School?

Like any industry, a business school is also an intricate setup, where there are hundreds of professionals working vigorously to keep the institution running...

After Mineral Water, “Mineral Air” Becomes Big Business

All major cities around the world are witnessing a sharp rise in the air pollution levels, prompting entrepreneurs to look for innovative solutions to...

Why Mohammad Bashir “Pakistani Chacha” Secretly Loves India?

Have you ever heard of a Pakistan cricket fan Mohammad Bashir, famously called "Pakistani Chacha"?  Bashir has literally been present in all India -...

Movie Review – TUBELIGHT

Movie Review Tubelight In the beautiful and picturesque town of Jagatpur in the lap of Himalaya's, Laxman Singh Bisht, played by Salman Khan has very...

Mount Everest’s “Hillary Steps” May Have Collapsed

Many trekkers to Everest have confirmed that the famous "Hillary Steps" of world's highest peak, Mount Everest has collapsed, the summit could become more hazardous in...

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Who Funds and Trains the Islamic State or ISIS?

The "Islamic state" is an Islamist terrorist organization operating in Iraq and Syria (abbreviated IS or ISIL, in the Arab media - DAISH). ISIS is...

Tal-Afar City to be Liberated Soon from ISIS Iraq PM

Iraqi Prime Minister Heydar Al-Abadi announced the beginning of an operation to release the Tal-Afar city, which was held by the terrorist group "Islamic...

Scores Detained in Boston Demonstrations

Police arrested 27 people during demonstrations in Boston that took place on Saturday.This was announced at a press conference by the city police chief...