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Medical Tourism In India Blooms Despite India-China Tensions

Tensions between India-China along the border are not the only thing on the rise; Medical Tourism in India has also increased significantly with a...

Japan Allocates $2.9 Billion for Health in Developing Countries

The Government of Japan intends to allocate about $2.9 billion for fighting infectious diseases and treating children in developing countries. This was announced by Japanese...

650,000 People Die of Respiratory Diseases Every Year: World Health Organization

The World Health Organization (WHO) corrected the data on mortality from respiratory diseases associated with seasonal influenza. According to new estimates published by World Health...

European Scientists Question the Effectiveness of Homeopathy

European scientists questioned the effectiveness of Homeopathy as an alternative treatment. The Council of European Academies of Sciences gathered specialists from the academies of...

How, Why and When to use Viagra?

You must have heard the name of Viagra. Do you know how it works? Do you also know what side effect it is? If you...

Thick and fit, even then worry is not less

Even if people with heavy weight or obesity look healthy on medical grounds, it can not be said that they do not have the...

Future medicine: how bio-glass will revolutionize surgery

At first glance, glass is not a very suitable replacement for a broken bone, but British surgeons found that the so-called bioglass is not...

How is Oral Sex and Gonorrhea Linked?

Gonorrhea is becoming more difficult to treat, experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) said. Sexually transmitted infection becomes increasingly impervious to antibiotics. According to experts...

After Mineral Water, “Mineral Air” Becomes Big Business

What exactly is Mineral Air? All major cities around the world are witnessing a sharp rise in the air pollution levels, prompting entrepreneurs to...

Suffering from Constipation – Try “Dates”

Dates for Conspitation: Dates or Khajoor has various health benefits including treating constipation. Dates are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. They provide necessary...

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Russia Slams Canada Over Remarks On Its Democracy

Russia-Canada relations have started to simmer due to Canada's remarks. Russia took a strong objection to Canada’s statements on the state of democracy in...

Why are Chinese Tourists Thronging Japan?

Why are Chinese tourists thronging Japan? According to Japan Times, the approximate number tourists visiting Japan increased by 16.6% from a year earlier to...

Kazakhstan-Russia Ties: Why is Kazakhstan Banning Imports of Russian Fuel?

Why is Kazakhstan planning to ban Russian Fuel? Are Kazakhstan-Russia relations falling apart? The Minister of Energy of Kazakhstan, Kanat Bozumbayev said that until the end...

Mumbai Attack Mastermind, JuD Chief, Hafiz Saeed Not a Terrorist: USA

The CIA describes the VHP and Bajrang Dal as religious militant organisations while Hafiz Saeed led Jamat Ud Dawah (JuD), and surprisingly even the...