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Putin Chides the US, Says We Know Who is Behind the Syrian Attacks

What does Russian President Vladimir Putin know about the Syrian Attacks? Putin has claimed that Syrian Attacks on the Russian Airbase in Khmeimim were aimed...

After Pakistan, Trump Threatens to Cut Financial Assistance to Palestine

US President Donald Trump has indirectly hinted at stopping financial assistance to Palestine for their unwillingness to negotiate peace with Israel. This US President questioned...

Putin, Netanyahu Agree to Discuss Syria and Iran

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu agreed to hold a bilateral meeting in a telephonic conversation. This was reported by the press...

Demonstrations in Iran Continues for Ignoring Citizens for Syria and Lebanon

Demonstrations in Iran against the government's economic and political policies continued, during which protesters called on the authorities to stop supporting the regime in...

War in Asia Pacific and Europe Inevitable: US Marine Corps

Why is Europe perturbed by the General of US Marine Corps announcement? The US Marine Corps is trying to smooth out the statements of...

How Robust are Turkey Russia Relations? EurAsian Times

How good are Turkey Russia Relations? Despite initial hiccups between both the nations and despite Turkey being a NATO member, Turkey Russia Relations seems...

Apple and Amazon Ready to Business in Saudi Arabia

Apple and Amazon are negotiating with the government of Saudi Arabia to obtain a license to conduct business in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In...

US Resumes Granting Visa’s to Turkish Citizens

The United States announced the resumption of issuing American visas to Turkish citizens. The US embassy in Ankara called the security situation in Turkey "sufficiently...

Fate of Worlds Largest Aircraft Airbus A380 Rests on the UAE

European Airbus Corporation may withdraw the world's largest aircraft Airbus A380 if the authorities of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) refuse to purchase these aircrafts. The Airbus...

Intense Pressure on Various Nations to Recognize Jerusalem: Latest Israel News

What is Latest Israel News and Developments on Jerusalem? Israel continues to maintain intense diplomatic pressure on various countries to move their embassy from...

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Free Karachi Campaign: After Baloch, Now Muhajirs Turn Against Pakistan

After Free Balochistan Campaign, why has Free Karachi Campaign started to appear? As per sources, an organization American Muhajirs (Indian Muslims emigrating to Pakistan...

Nationalism or Vandalism – Challenges for Indian Movie Padmaavat / Padmaavati

The Supreme Court of India on Thursday, January 18th, gave its nod for the release of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmavati (now titled as Padmaavat). The...

Australian and Indian Air Force Participate in Exercise Pitch Black 2018

The Indian Air Force is all set to be a part of the Exercise Pitch Black scheduled in Australia. Australia’s Defence Minister Christopher Pyne while...