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Exports from EU to Russia Decreased by € 30 billion due to Sanctions: Experts

Mutual sanctions of the EU and the Russian Federation have led to a significant reduction in the exports from European companies to Russia. This was...

Oil Giants Russia, Saudi Arabia Sign Landmark Agreements

Russia and Saudi Arabia, the two largest oil producers and exporter in the world, signed major agreements on the first state visit by Saudi...

Would you like to Buy a Reusable Toilet Paper?

A group of Kazakhstani engineers and scientists have invented a reusable toilet paper that can be washed. As noted in the QMS, thanks to the...

Vital to Maintain Positive Trends of the Russian Economy: Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin pointed to the importance of maintaining positive trends in the Russian economy under the threat of presence and tightening of...

Russia and Japan Set to Boost Tourism

Russia and Japan plan to bring the reciprocal tourist flow amongst themselves to 250,000 by 2019. As the head of the Federal Agency for Tourism...

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs LG V30: The Battle of Smartphones

South Korean Companies Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics began sales of their flagship smartphones Galaxy Note 8 and V30 in the Republic of Korea...

Maharashtra Waives Loan of Millions of Farmers

The Maharashtra government has decided to waive the loan of all farmers in one of India's largest states with the highest GDP - Maharashtra. The...

Why is Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Expanding?

Since the establishment of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, for the first time, SCO seems to be expanding. At the Council of Heads of SCO...

How Does Performance Related Pay (PRP) Work?

Performance Related Pay (PRP) is not a new phenomenon as Beaumont points out, "it is important to recognize that “Performance Related Pay” is a...

Is India Ready for Regulation & Development Act (RERA) in Real Estate?

The Real estate panorama is all set of change due to the appointment of regulators associated with the Real Estate Industry. Whatever real estate...

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