Monday, January 18, 2021

China Accepts Seizing Border Regions In Ladakh, But Accuses Indian Troops Of Violation

As India and China prepare for next border meeting, Beijing via its media, admits that its PLA soldiers are in occupation of unmarked border regions and but argue that it was India that provoked the move and blame Indian troops for the deadly clash in Galwan Valley.

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Chinese state media – the Global Time writes that Indian analysts and defence experts assert that China’s moves (of seizing border regions) that have changed the status quo of the LAC, which both nations should have been respecting under a series of bilateral pacts.

GT states that India believes that China changed the status quo of the LAC which is incorrect. India suffered losses in a deadly clash in the Galwan Valley on June 15, as the Indian Army soldiers illegally crossed the Line of Actual Control (LAC).

Indian troops should take full responsibility for the deadly border clash. The reason for China-India border conflicts this year also stemmed from New Delhi, whose soldiers and agencies have been constructing roads and bridges at the LAC in the Galwan Valley. It is the Indian side that has been trying to change the status quo, claims the Chinese state media.

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GT further claims that neither Indian officials nor Indian media have accurately presented the true story of the Galwan Valley clash. The GT report says that most Indians lack knowledge of the conflicts (with biased coverage against China) and thus their anti-China sentiments are running high.

After India suffered heavy losses in Galwan Valley, Indian politicians, the public and analysts believed India suffered a great loss, and they could not withstand the humiliation. When India had conflicts with nations like Pakistan, India would take retaliatory military measures against them.

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However, when the opponent is China, India acts differently. New Delhi is cognizant of its military gap with China as well as the dangerous outcomes of launching a military clash with China. Hence, India cannot resort to military means which is further infutiating the Indian people, writes the GT.

Additionally, the GT writes, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recently delivered a speech in which he called on the “free world” to change China. India is a significant player in the US’ Indo-Pacific Strategy.

China-India border conflict provided the US with an ideal opportunity to pull India towards the west and to help it contain China. The US sowing dissonance between China and India will undermine the settlement of border disputes and the development of China -India ties.

The US and India will boost their collaboration to contain China writes GT. India also feels more assured by boosting defence ties with the US and its allies. This imposes a relatively large threat to China’s security, and also makes it more difficult for China to deal with India.


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