Monday, June 5, 2023

China Threatens To Sinks 2 US Aircraft Carriers in the Indo-Pacific Region

A Chinese Rear Admiral jolted Washington after suggesting the sinking of two US Navy aircraft carriers to test America’s commitment to security and stability in the Indo-Pacific region. Rear Admiral Luo Yan, a military academic made this statement in a speech in Shenzhen.

China’s 3rd Aircraft Carrier Endangers Indian Security, Challenges US Dominance

According to Defence Connect, Rear Admiral Yan in regards to the ‘five cornerstones’ and key ‘weaknesses’ said China should target to either preemptively prevent US intervention in the region or in response to continued US assertiveness towards China and its interests. “It includes the US military (Navy and Air Forces); the US dollar and the broader US economy; US research and development talent; the US political system; and the presence of near peer-to-peer adversaries (China and Russia).” The Rear Admiral said China has two prominent aircraft killers, DF-21D and DF-26 missiles. “We attack and sink one of their aircraft carriers. Let them suffer 5000 casualties. Attack and sink two carriers, casualties 10,000. Let’s see if the US is afraid or not?”

It is very much obvious that Washington will not take these suggestions lightly. According to News Corp Australia Network, the United States’ aircraft carriers are considered the centrepieces of its navy.

It is regarded as the highly visible embodiments of America’s power. Many defence analysts believe that aircraft carriers were once able to project military might. But now, with modern satellite and over-the-horizon radar systems, the aircraft carriers can no longer rely upon being unseen.

However, Rear Admiral Yan is not the first to make such blunt suggestions. In 2018, a Chinese colonel had issued a stern warning to the US and its regional allies operating in the South China Sea.

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