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Code of Ethics

The objective of Eurasian Times (ET NEWS) is to provide an opportunity to the users globally to share and publish their news, views, reviews, ideas, opinions, consumer complaints, expert reviews and knowledge with the rest of the world. These kind of avenues cause awareness and help people understand different perspectives and enhances their sense of judgement. Users are expected to gain the public respect which will eventually increase their visibility in the online world. Users are required to maintain high degree of professionalism and integrity while publishing their news, views or reviews with Eurasian Times as a citizen journalist.

Code of Media Ethics at EurAsian Times (ET NEWS)

  • Ensures that he/she maintains highest level of professional and ethical standards while submitting the news, views, online reviews on Eurasian Times. The content must be cross verified and should be fair, accurate and based on facts.
  • Ensures that disclaimers are properly mentioned and there is no misrepresentation of facts and figures.
  • Ensures that all the minute details have been properly taken care of.
  • Shall not be a party to news suppression.
  • Shall mention a person’s ethnicity, caste, sect, creed, sexual preference only if this information is absolutely essential to share.
  • Shall neither originate nor process material which encourages feeling of racism, discrimination, prejudice or hatred on any of the above mentioned accounts.
  • Shall not interfere into anybody’s private life, grief or distress.
  • Shall not write with an intend to form or create opinion about a set of community.
  • Shall take care while reporting on militants/insurgents/extremists of the need to balance public interest with the danger of ‘advertising’ extremist ideologies.
  • Shall not upload unpleasant images of violence, defaced bodies and victims of any catastrophe, unless unavoidable and essential to the public interest.
  • Shall not identify or photograph minor children and infants who are the result of sexual abuse, forced marriage or any sort of irresponsible partnering of their parents.
  • Shall not post photograph of victims of sexual violence without their permission. In case of minors, special attention must be given, and permission sought from their parent/guardian.
  • Shall not identify the accused accused in cases of sexual violence untill the latter has been charged by the court. Citizen journalists must also honor copyright, when using any material from external sources.
  • Shall follow at all times the guidelines of listed use of the social media.
  • Shall not not debilitate the rule of law. Citizen journalist must abide by national and international laws and treaties, while reporting any news, views, and reviews.



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Jio Institute – Mukesh Ambani’s ‘Institute of Eminence’ To Revolutionize Indian Education System

Jio Institute, which will be located in Navi Mumbai was to hire university staff and complete the academic curriculum by...

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Coronavirus In Tibet: Limited Impact Of COVID-19 In High Altitude Regions Like Tibet?

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Trump’s Mediation Offer ‘Naive’; US Actually Wants India To Challenge Chinese Dominance: Russian Experts

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Google Removes ‘Remove China App’; The App That Went Viral Due To India-China Tensions

Google has pulled down the ‘Remove China’ app from its play store. The app had gone viral with Indian users...

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India-China Conflict: Chinese Army Conducts ‘Surprise Attack’ Drills To Capture Enemy Territory

Amid rising India-China conflict, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) recently conducted a high-altitude, infiltration operations to capture enemy territory...

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Indian Army Says 13 Terrorists Killed Along The LOC; Pakistan Warns Of ‘False Flag Operations’

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Hong Kong Rioters Behind The Deadly Protests In The US – Chinese State Media

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China Expanding ‘Military Arsenal’ In High Altitude Border Regions To Address Threats

In a striking revelation, ever since the Doklam standoff with India, the Chinese military had already expanded its combat capabilities...

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Pakistan Unhappy Over The Arrest, Expulsion Of ‘Spy Diplomats’ By India

India recently expelled two officials of the Pakistan high commission after they were arrested by the security forces on charges...

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China Warns India Of Economical Repercussions If It Supports The US In Cold War Against China

China's aim of upholding friendly ties with India hasn't changed, so Beijing will still provide assistance to India by boosting...