Editor in Chief

Vinod Kumar Munshi
Editor – EurAsian Times
Email: editor@eurasiantimes.com

Vinod is the Editor in Chief at the EurAsian Times. Vinod holds a Bachelors Degree in Engineering from prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, but always had tremendous interest in Journalism and Political Science. Besides running a successful business, Vinod spends most of his precious time working with EurAsian Times writing on a variety of topics.

Editorial Team Desk

ET Desk
Email: etdesk@eurasiantimes.com

Key Editorial Team

Syed Shafiq Ul Haq (Karachi)
Resident Editor: International Politics and Business Affairs

Shafiq holds a Masters Degree from prestigious University of Glasgow, Scotland. Shafiq is an avid debater and likes to write on various Business Related Topics, besides penning thought-provoking articles on International Political.

Preeti Raina
Resident Editor: Infotainment and Technology
Email: raina.preeti@gmail.com

Preeti has been associated with EurAsian Times right from the inception. Preeti loves to write on Infotainment and Technology Topics like Sports, Movies, Gadgets, Travel and Tourism, besides other topics. Preeti holds a Bachelors Degree in Engineering and a Masters Degree in Business Management from prestigious MDI-Gurgaon. Besides being an IT consultant, Preeti loves to write creatives and analytical articles for EurAsian Times.

Sunila T Wali (Toronto)
Editor: Health and Education
Email: sticku@yahoo.com

Sunila holds a Masters Degree in Psychology from prestigious Johns Hopkins University, USA. Sunila is an avid reader and likes to write on various topics related to Psychology, Education, Health, besides various other topics.

Rajesh Anand
Editor:  EurAsian Region, Europe and America’s
Email: mbauniversum@gmail.com

Rajesh holds a masters degree in Political Sciences and has been writing articles and blogs for over a decade. His favourite topics are International News and Politics which encompasses EurAsian Region, Middle East and Europe.

Nitin Tickoo
Resident Editor: Asia and Middle-East
Email: nytten@gmail.com

Nitin holds a Post Graduate Degree in Mass Communication and Masters Degree in Management. Nitin primarily writes on South Asian Politics including India-Pakistan Relations, Jammu, and Kashmir, Indian Domestic Politics besides other topics.

Kewal Pandita (Srinagar)
Contributor: Jammu and Kashmir Affairs

Kewal works as an Asst. Manager with a Nationalized Bank in Himachal Pradesh and hails from Shopian, Kashmir. Kewal likes to contribute and write articles and news stories for EurAsian Times on various topics.

Sales, Marketing & General Enquiries

Sales and Marketing Manager – (New Delhi)
Email: info@eurasiantimes.com

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