Monday, March 1, 2021

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Defence Deals or Israel Elections – Why is Benjamin Netanyahu Coming To India For One Day?

Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu is expected to visit India in two weeks from now but only for a day. Before his visit, a security liaison team from Israel will land in New Delhi to review the security arrangements for the visit of Netanyahu. 

In order to bolster India-Israel relations on defence and security, the acquisition of Airborne Warning and Control Systems (AWACS) and air to air Derby missiles will be on discussions between the two PM’s.

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IAF Looks To Acquire Two More AWACS

Discussions on the acquisition of two more Airborne Warning and Control Systems (AWACS) and extended air to air derby missiles by the Indian Air Force will make it to the top of the list of agendas put to the table.

India is planning to procure two PHALCON AWACS mounted on Russian A-50 platform for better control and observation of the war theatre. Other discussions will include joint projects and bilateral cooperation in agriculture, water and waste management. While the exact date is yet to be finalised, Netanyahu is expected to make a one day visit either on September 7 or September 8.

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Israel is expected to endorse India’s actions in Kashmir

As per the diplomats, the Israeli Prime Minister is expected to endorse the decisions of the government of India to revoke Article 370 and Article 35 A in Jammu and Kashmir acknowledging it as an internal matter.

He is also anticipated to support the bilateral resolution of issues between India and Pakistan. In doing so, Israel will bolster the bilateral diplomatic partnership with India and cement his personal bond between Modi and Netanyahu.

Israel Elections

Benjamin Netanyahu will be visiting India right one week before the general elections in Israel takes place. Netanyahu has been the Prime Minister of Israel since 2009 and under his leadership, India-Israel relations have flourished.

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Some political analysts feel that Netanyahu’s meeting with Modi is a photo-op to project his acceptance worldwide and prop up his campaign just before the elections in Israel.

Netanyahu, who created history on July 20 by becoming the longest-serving Israeli prime minister, surpassing Israel’s first premier David Ben-Gurion, is facing a tough political challenge as opinion polls show flagging fortunes for his ruling Likud party.

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