Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Demonetization : Part 2 to come?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi can present a roadmap on November 8 about Demonetization i.e the upcoming strategy for black money just like he announced on 8th November Last year. According to reputed sources, the matter is in discussion at the highest level with prominent leaders.

Demonetization : Still more to come?

A meeting of all union ministers has already been convened on November 10, in which details of the next battle against corruption will be introduced. By ignoring the strongest criticism of the opposition, PM Modi and the Central Government has decided to celebrate ‘Anti Black Money Day’ on November 8, when one year of the ban will be completed. The opposition in return announced that November 8th will be remembered as the Protest Day.

According to sources, PM Modi has already made his next target and this time the campaign will be against the black money holders. One year after the
Demonetization, the government wants to continue giving the strong indication of continued war against corruption. According to sources, in the proposed campaign, if the legal proof of the proprietary rights is not found, then the government can take the properties in its possession. These unaccountable properties will also be linked to any scheme for the poor, as the amount under the Replaced Disclosures Scheme for Black Money will be deposited in the Prime Minister’s Poor Welfare Scheme. The Government expects that the proposed campaign against the anonymous property can also fall on many prominent colleagues of the BJP itself.

The Modi government wants to keep this issue alive until the general elections of 2019 and  has made a strategy to fight and win elections on the issue of corruption. The Government believes that after one year when the situation has improved significantly after the ban, the positive start of the second campaign can bring a lot of positive message especially to the poor that strict action is going to be underway against the rich people of black money. Apart from this, PM Narendra Modi can take concrete and decisive steps on this pending bill or initiative to stop corruption.

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