Emergency in Egypt, after Church Attack

After the death of 45 people in the blasts that killed Coptic Christians in Egypt on Sunday before Easter, President Abdul Fateh Al Sisi has imposed a three-month emergency in the country. Coptic Church has also announced to deploy troops across the country. The so-called Islamic State has taken the responsibility of attacks on the church by targeting Christians. The Islamic State has also been attacking Christians in Egypt by targeting them first.
On Sunday, an explosion took place outside St. Mark’s Coptic Church in Alexandria and killed 16 people. Egyptian government media say that Coptic Church chief Pope Tavadros 2 had also attended the religious ceremony here and was safe.
Before this, there was a blast in the St. George Coptic Church of Tanta City in Neil Delta and it killed 29 people. The alleged Islamic State has taken responsibility for the attack. This group is targeting the Coptic churches in Egypt According to the news on the Egyptian Independent website, a police officer was preventing a suicide bomber from exploding inside the church, and he was also killed.
The first explosion took place in Cairo, 94 kilometres north of Kahira, the capital of Egypt.
The government has announced the mourning for three days. Pope Francis is going to Egypt after this month. In recent years the attacks of Islamic extremists have increased on minority Christians.In December last year, a blast took place in Cairo’s Coptic Cathedral church, in which 29 people were killed. The Islamic State fighters threatened to attack Christians in February. The Christian population of Egypt is around 10 percent. This attack occurred when Coptic Christians were united on Sunday before Easter. This is one of the holidays in the Christian calendar.