EU may impose Sanctions against Myanmar over Rohingya Crisis

Will EU impose sanctions against Myanmar? The European Union can impose sanctions against Myanmar in connection with the situation in the conflict-ridden state of Rakhine, where the Myanmar military conducted a brutal military operation. Due to this crackdown by Myanmar army, thousands of Rohingya Muslims living in the region fled the country. This was reported on Monday by the Reuters, referring to the draft document on possible measures against Myanmar, which is currently being discussed by representatives of EU countries at the central bodies of the community. The document will be submitted for approval to the ministers of foreign affairs of the countries.

Around 400,000 Rohingya Muslims flee Myanmar

As an initial sanction measure, the EU is ready to suspend the invitations to visit the European Union to representatives of the commanding staff of the Armed Forces of Myanmar, including their commander-in-chief, the draft document says. The EU is also ready to consider additional restrictive measures, it says.

“However, in response to positive steps the EU is ready to respond appropriately,” the document reads. The EU and the US urge the Myanmar authorities to end the military operation to stop the flow of refugees from this region.

Who are Rohingya Muslims

Rohingyas are a small ethnic group living mainly in Myanmar and neighboring country of Bangladesh. Of the 55 million people living in entire Myanmar, about eight hundred thousand are Rohingyas. Majority of Rohingya people profess Sunni Islam in Myanmar, while almost 90% of the population of Myanmar are Buddhists. Read Complete Article at EurAsian Times.