Friday, February 26, 2021

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Fifth Round Of India-China Border Talks To Primarily Focus On Pangong Lake Withdrawal

India-China border talks, so far, have seen no major breakthrough. With China looking to stand its ground firm and India pressing for Chinese withdrawal, both nations will now be involved in the fifth round of border talks which could be held next week according to reports Times of India. 

India’s 5th Generation Fighter Jet ‘AMCA’ Under Speedy Development – Reports

India and China will take forward the hampered disengagement process at Pangong Tso and Gogra-Hot Springs as well as discuss the restoration of status quo in the strategically-located Depsang Plains region in eastern Ladakh.

TOI citing its sources claimed that Indian and Chinese commanders are in constant contact over the hotline to ease the situation over the disengagement process before the next round of border talks is held in the “second half” of next week.

Earlier, the Indian news agency – ANI reported that the ongoing dialogue between India and China have resulted in complete disengagement at Patrolling Point 14, 15 and 17A. Quoting sources, it also said that a meeting between senior military commanders is expected in the coming week to further work out modalities of Pangong Tso lake area, which is the most contentious point between the two nations.

Patrol Point 14 or PP14 in Galwan Valley is a contentious position where Indian and Chinese soldiers battled on June 15 resulting in the death of 20 Indian soldiers and an unverified number of PLA troops. The withdrawal of troops has created a 3-km buffer zone between both sides in the Galwan valley but the face-off continues in the Pangong Tso area.

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