How is Oral Sex and Gonorrhea Linked?

What is Gonorrhea? What are Causes and Symptoms of Gonorrhea? How can Gonorrhea be Treated?

How Dangerous is Gonorrhea which is believed to be caused by Oral Sex?

Gonorrhea is becoming more difficult to treat, experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) said. Sexually transmitted infection becomes increasingly impervious to antibiotics. According to experts at World Health Organization, three cases of this disease have been recorded in Japan, France and Spain – where physicians encountered with an incurable and life-threatening form of the disease.

“Gonorrhea – is a very smart infection. Every time you give a new type of antibiotics to treat it, the virus increases its resistance to the infection.” Gonorrhea can affect the genitals, rectum and throat, and it is the latter that particularly concerns the expert. WHO experts fear that antibiotics might promote the disease which could be caused due to oral sex.

“When you use antibiotics for the treatment of inflammation in the throat, they are mixed with Neisseria (Neisseria gonorrhoea – the bacterium that causes gonorrhea in your throat”, – said the physician. According to experts, as a result of this process, the virus increases resistance to any medication and literally becomes incurable.

Oral Sex Leading to Gonorrhea

Experts warn that they are in a favourable environment during oral sex gonorrhea bacteria can cause super-gonoree – severe infections difficult to treat. In the US, the increased resistance of bacteria has been observed in men who have gay sex and the reason is the same – an infection in the throat or oral sex. Due to the fact that the fear of contracting HIV has gone on the recession, people are less likely to use condoms, and this contributes to the spread of infection, – the expert believes.

Symptoms of Gonorrhea

People with genital gonorrhoea might not have any clear symptoms. It may take upto 2 weeks to show any symptoms of this disease or even months. If the infection manages to spread, people might get follow symptoms

Symptoms of Gonorrhea: Female Genitals

  • Vaginal emanation which may be watery, and light yellowish in colour.
  • Discomfort when Urinating
  • Lower intestinal pain
  • Seldom, bleeding during the periods

Symptoms of Gonorrhea: Male Genitals

  • An abnormal release from the penis, which could be white or yellowish.
  • Discomfort when Urinating
  • Occasional pain in the testicles.

Other Symptoms

  • Infection in the rectum which may cause anal soreness, discomfort or some emanation.
  • Throat Infection.
  • Infection in the eyes can cause soreness, inflammation, hypersensitivity and emanation.

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