India Ridicules UN Report on Human Rights Violations and Abuses in Kashmir

The UNHRC might move to probe human rights violations in Kashmir. Kashmir conflict has been the major discontent between India and Pakistan. The UN rights chief has called for a major probe into widespread human rights abuses in Kashmir by both India and Pakistan. The UNHRC might even consider to set up a Commission of Inquiry (COI) to probe the developments in the contested area. The UN report on Kashmir blames both parties, India and Pakistan for violence and human rights abuses in Kashmir. 

An independent international investigation will be initiated by COI to scrutinise the human rights violations in Kashmir. Commission of Inquiry is set up by the United Nations for major crisis situations. It is the highest level probe by the UN.

The Controversial UN report on Human Rights Violations in Kashmir

A report by the United Nations on Kashmir underlines largescale human rights violations by security forces in Kashmir. This is the first report of the United Nations on Kashmir and has stung India. India has called the report as false and motivated and refused to accept it. The reports lambasted both India and Pakistan for the ruckus in Kashmir.

Tied to Jeep, is it Bravery or Human Rights Violation?

It has also asked India to honour the self-determination of the people of Kashmir. In the wake of the report, the UN rights chief has called for an international investigation into all civilian casualties in Kashmir since July 2016. The violence in Kashmir has been outrageous ever since the death of Burhan Wani in July 2016.

Pakistan Blamed too in the UN Report

The report also noted that the apathy on the Pakistan side is difficult to examine for there are restrictions in freedom of speech. The report highlights a wide range of human rights abuses in parts of Kashmir held by Pakistan. The rights office said that Pakistan must refrain from the misuse of anti-terror norms against peaceful political and civil rights activists.

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