Vietnam a Major Player in India’s Act East Policy to Counter Chinese Aggression

Vietnam is turning out to be a key player in India’s Act East Policy. The visit by Indian defence minister to Vietnam last week was significant in intensifying India-Vietnam relations. The growing cooperation between the two nations in terms of security not only consolidates India-Vietnam relations but also takes India’s ‘Act East’ Policy forward. Given the present scenario, the India-Vietnam ties are of strategic importance to India’s ambitions of countering China’s aggression and power in the region. 

India-Vietnam Relations

In 2016, India-Vietnam Relations were given top priority and ties were enhanced to develop a strategic partnership. India and Vietnam now look to consolidate on this strategic partnership to have a larger cooperation in defence ties.

There’s been a significant advancement in the defence ties between India and Vietnam in the last 2 years. This cooperation isn’t just traditional but also includes cooperation in the training of personnel, cooperation in funding and equipment for capacity building, collaborations of the coast guards and other significant pacts.

Now the two nations look to establish a greater cooperation in training, technology and research. During the visit of Nirmala Sitharaman, the defence minister of India to Vietnam, the President of Vietnam, Tran Dai Quang said that Vietnam supports the Act East policy of India.

What is India’s Act East Policy?

The vision of the Act East policy was envisaged by the former Prime Minister PV Narasimha Rao. The Act East policy aims at establishing India as a regional power by maintaining and strengthening warm relations with other nations in South Asia. Hence, a positive development in India-Vietnam relations will also impact India’s Act East policy positively.

Now with deeper cooperation between India and Vietnam, India can confront the power that China boasts over the region. If India’s succeeds in its Act East policy, Delhi would successfully counter China’s aggressive policy towards South Asia.

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