Friday, April 23, 2021

Modi-Xi Jinping Meeting to Strengthen India-China Relations and Keep the US at Bay?

Can Modi-Xi Jinping Meeting Strengthen India-China Relations? PM Narendra Modi and PM Xi Jinping are to meet to discuss and cement the India and China ties. India and China have been experiencing shaky cross-border relations for a long period now and both nations are now taking measures to reconcile. Modi-Xi Jinping meeting will discuss mutual concerns about the turbulent borders and find ways to cement strategic ties and eliminate disputes.

2017 witnessed highly turbulent cross-border ties between India and China with the Doklam standoff. This was followed by many other decisions, like India boycotting China’s BRI and the Dalai Lama visiting Arunachal Pradesh, that further weakened the relations between the two nations.

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India and China Relations Have tested Waters

Many issues have pressed the already weakened the ties over the last year, however, efforts are now being made to reconcile strategic ties between the two nations. FM Sushma Swaraj announced that reopening of the Nathu La pass and other key decisions like the India and China coming together to discuss the Sutlej and Brahmaputra river issues.

As reported in CNN, FM Sushma Swaraj stated:

“The progress made in the last few months has also contributed to building trust and understanding in our bilateral engagement”

Observers also believe that with deepening China-Pakistan relations, India is keen to restore ties with China. On the other hand, with the growing US-India relations, China also understands the need to make amends with India.

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Weakened India and China Ties Impact Development

As reported by the Global Times, the strategic indifference between the two nations are hampering the development of both countries. The border disputes at the Sino-Indian border have existed for a very long time and experts believe a scientific research must be carried out to get to the root of it. The two countries need to establish stronger ties not just strategic but also cultural.

India and China share a rich past and a long history, it’s time to eradicate the disputes and build bridges to better communication and strengthen the India and China relations across multi-levels.

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