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Who is Winning the India vs China Economic War in Africa?



Who is winning the India vs China War in Africa? China-Africa relations seem to be going through a smooth escalation after Xi Jinping’s recent visits to African nations. Now the African leaders will be visiting China to discuss a wide range of issues during the Forum on China Africa Cooperation. But India has is not far behind, making aggressive inroads in the African continent, and challenging China.

The summit will be held in Beijing from 3rd September to 4th September and China would look to construct a strategic partnership with African Nations which offers great opportunities. China is keen to chalk out a roadmap that creates a win-win situation for China as well as African nations and hence China is engaging with Africa on a greater scale.

India vs China in Africa

Before the 10th BRICS summit in South Africa, even the Indian Prime Minister paid visits to African nations including Rwanda and Uganda. Even the Modi doctrine is keen to engage Africa so that India can extract benefits from a strategic partnership with the African nations. Narendra Modi became the first ever Prime Minister ever to visit the smaller African nations and he clarified his intent to win Africa’s allegiance.

Both India and China are engaging African nations by lucrative promises and the little competition going on between the two nations in Africa is only getting larger and larger. India would have its eyes on the Beijing summit of the Forum on China Africa Cooperation to understand the prospects better.

What does Africa Seek?

According to Global Times, Africa is keen to build a constructive relationship with China. Under the One Belt One Road initiative of China, Africa has been one of the largest gainers. Africa has witnessed a transformation in infrastructure under the OBOR project and this has sped up the process of economic integration in the African nations. Through the OBOR and the Forum on China Africa Cooperation, the African leaders would want to extend China’s role in their nations and this is where India might be sidelined.

As EurAsian Times reported earlier, While India is seeking to boost investment and trade opportunities in Africa. China’s massive stake and interest in the continent leaves India trailing. Bilateral trade between China and African nations touched a whopping $220 billion in 2014 and India is not even close to catching up.

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