Wednesday, April 21, 2021

How Education Is Bridging the India China Border

Wars, disputes and differences, on one hand, the India China border is bridged by the pursuit of education. Although Indian students have been travelling to China to further their educational goals since over a decade, the latest amendments and changes in university criteria have further strengthened the India China border.

China began welcoming international students who wish to pursue medical studies in the year 2004. Ever since the number of students from India crossing over the India China border to study medicine has been on a constant rise. The statistical figures shared by ‘Project Atlas’ state that in the year 2015 approximately 16,500 students from India were pursuing their education in China, as compared to a just around 750 Indian students in China about a decade ago. In fact, a report by the Times of India group states that today there are more students crossing the India China border for educational goals rather than going to the UK.

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Change in Admission Criteria has strengthened the India China Border

It is believed that the recent changes to the criteria for admissions in China are the most significant factor that has led to more and more Indian students crossing the India China border to study and make a career in medicine. Apart from medicine, many Indian students also choose to study Engineering in China. Other critical factors for this India China border bridging are believed to be great scholarships and advanced research centres and facilities.

Is Sound Education the only thing connecting the India China border?

It’s not just good education but the prospective business opportunities too that have made many students from India take up education and career goals in China. China encourages foreign students to gain practical experience through internships and the ripe possibility to start their own business in China after completing their graduate studies.

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China also allows exceptional international students to be employed in China after a notice was issued regarding the same at the beginning of 2017. Students with the required degrees can get a work visa for up to 5 years. All these factors have led to a large number of international students choosing China as their educational destination. Also, with changing immigration and employment laws in the US, the former educational hub for foreign students, more and more students are looking for better foreign education destinations.

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