Friday, February 26, 2021

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India-Jordan Relations Strength with Defence, Healthcare and Cultural Ties

The King of Jordan and Indian PM have met to discuss and strengthen India-Jordan Relations. PM Modi personally received the King at the Delhi Airport and greeted with a warm hug to initiate bilateral India-Jordan Relations. So what is in store for India and Jordan?

India-Jordan ties that will be discussed by PM Modi and King of Jordan, Abdullah II Bin Al-Hussein, include a variety of subjects like agreements on culture, customs and health, strategic India-Jordan defence partnership, a twin agreement between the archeological heritage sites in India (Agra) and Jordan (Petra) and the establishing of a centre by C-DAC, in Amman.

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Modi Violates Protocol ahead of India-Jordan Talks

This is the 7th time that PM Modi decided to violate security protocols, by personally receiving the King at the airport. The two leaders had met in Amman at the starting of the month. The PM previously violated the protocol for the PM of Israel, PM of Japan, twice for the Crown Prince of UAE, PM of Bangladesh and former US President, Obama.

On Thursday, The King will be delivering a talk on Islamic heritage that includes the society of India and its vibrant diversity at numerous levels. The talk will also touch upon India’s experience on handling religion sparked extremism. This is the first of its kind event, that has been organised by an Arab leader in the 3 and a half years of the current government.

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India-Jordan Event To Witness a Wide Audience Group

The event is being organised by the India Islamic Cultural Centre and will be attended by many Islamic scholars, Arab representatives, notable thinkers and other leaders of the Muslim community.

The Jordanian King will also be touching upon the Palestinian issue as he is the unofficial ambassador of the cause in the region. The event is expected to further strengthen the existing strategic India-Jordan ties.

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