Thursday, February 25, 2021

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India-Pakistan Heading Towards Another Limited War – Experts

Two Pakistan Army soldiers were killed in the Indian shelling along the volatile Line of Control (LoC) today.

The Indian Army said it was in retaliation after a Junior Commissioned Officer was killed by Pakistani ceasefire violation. The tensions between the two nuclear-armed nations are mounting and many experts fear another skirmish.

Pakistan Activates Jaish-e-Mohammed Sleeper Cells For Terror Attacks On India?

Pakistani PM Imran Khan today warned the global community that his Indian counterpart – Narendra Modi will “definitely” carry out an action of some sort in Azad Kashmir (Pakistan-administered-Kashmir) to divert the world’s attention from Kashmir and anti-Muslim citizenship bills that India passed recently.

Experts talking to the EurAsian Times, on the other hand, claimed that Islamabad was instigating India as Pakistan Army Chief – General Bajwa was under immense pressure after the supreme court questioned his illegitimate extension approved by the Imran Khan government.

The review petition filed by Imran Khan government claimed – “The enemies of Pakistan were extremely happy (referring to India) when they thought that General Bajwa’s extension or re-appointment had fallen into jeopardy,” “Pakistan is undergoing a 5th generation war.”

Experts claimed that the PTI government is run by Pakistan Army and General Bajwa (to divert attention) could stoop to any level to hold onto his chair, even if it means limited war with India.

Khan while adding fuel to the fire said – “I have been telling the world for the past five months that the Modi government, in order to divert the world attention away from Kashmir and the protests against the [anti-Muslims] laws, will definitely conduct some sort of action in Azad Kashmir.”

Khan said he has informed the ‘saviour of Pakistan’ General Bajwa of the threat, and the COAS has repeatedly told him that the armed forces are “ready for them (India). Pakistan is ready for them”.

Are we heading towards another India-Pakistan conflict?

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