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Russia Planning to Topple Modi Government in 2019 Indian Elections?



The 2019 Elections in India will be a massive test for Narendra Modi’s government and the election mood has already set up. A social media expert from Britain claimed that Russia might meddle in the 2019 Indian Elections, just like they “supposedly” did in the US elections, handing a stunning defeat to favourite Hillary Clinton. Is Russia really planning to overthrow the Narendra Modi Government?

Russian Embassy cited the strong friendship between India and Russia and stated that Moscow won’t act against India’s interests. Philip N Howard a social media expert at the Oxford University made this claim during a hearing of the US Senate Intelligence Committee. The hearing was held to discuss the influence of foreign nations on social media.

Earlier, Russia has also been accused of influencing poll results in the US which saw current US President Donald Trump rise to power. The US stamped sanctions on Russia after allegations of influencing the 2016 US presidential elections. Russia clarified that it has always distanced itself from any interference in the politics of other nations.

The Russian Embassy said that these allegations are a part of a conspiracy to tarnish India-Russia relations after a successful BRICS Summit in South Africa. Claims also suggested that Russia is also looking to interfere in elections in Brazil and not just India.

The 2019 elections will see Narendra Modi take on a united opposition challenging his power. These elections will be a litmus test of Modi’s economic reforms and the unfolding of India’s social structure under his rule. The BJP rose to power with a vast majority in 2014 ousting the UPA government. Since then Narendra Modi has emerged as one of the most popular leaders of the global community and his fame will be subjected to scrutiny when India votes in 2019.

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