India-US 2+2 Dialogue: India Needs to choose Between US or Russia and Iran

In a big setback to India-US Relations, The US has called off the 2+2 Dialogue scheduled for July 6. This is being perceived as an outcome of the widening rift in India-US Ties. This is for the second time that the US has postponed the 2+2 dialogue which was initially scheduled for March. Where would the India-US relations go from here on?

This move by the United States is strange. Several issues causing the US to act this way include the India-Russia S-400 defence deal and India‚Äôs oil imports from Iran. The trade tariffs levied by the Trump Administration and Delhi’s retaliation to them is also one of the grounds for the postponement of the bilateral talks which were supposed to be held in Washington. The US has warned India to cease all its oil imports from Iran by November as the US plans to isolate Iran’s funding stream. The US has threatened India with sanctions if it doesn’t do so. The future course of India-US relations could land in even more troubled waters.

The US has also warned India of sanctions against it if India goes ahead with the INR 39000 Crores defence deal with Russia to procure S-400 missile defence systems. New Delhi is certainly not willing to give up on its old friends. India has a close strategic partnership with Russia which has been substantiated over years.

The cancellation or the postponement of these talks also means that India isn’t really a priority for the Trump Administration. The US has picked up a trade war not just with India but also with China. The US under Donal Trump has largely disappointed all its allies.

Is Trump-Putin meet the main reason?

The US seems to be pressing for talks between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin in July. This could also be one of the reasons why the US has postponed the bilateral talks with India. Again it’s a matter of priorities for Washington and India doesn’t seem like one at present.

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