Monday, March 1, 2021

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Indian Armed Forces On ‘High Alert’ Along China, Nepal Border Due To Coronavirus Outbreak

The Indian security forces are maintaining a tight vigil along the borders with China and Nepal in view of the coronavirus outbreak in China, according to Times of India quoting Armed Forces Medical Services (AFMS) Director-General Anup Banerji.

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Banerji was talking to reporters during a conference at the Armed Forces Medical College in Pune city. To a question, Banerji said the Indian armed forces were taking stringent and foolproof action to check the outbreak of coronavirus infection on the country’s borders adjoining China and Nepal.

We are keeping a tight vigil at check-posts along the Nepal and China borders, as these areas are very porous,” he said.

Meanwhile, the death toll and number of infections continued to soar in China, officials said Thursday.

It has been two weeks since the authorities in Wuhan declared that the city would be locked down as they tried to check the virus’s spread. The lockdown is unprecedented in scale and experts have suspected its effectiveness.

Wuhan and Hubei Province have borne the brunt of the epidemic as the unexpected shutdown of transportation links into and around the area hindered the shipping of vital medical supplies. The fatality rate in Wuhan is 4.1 per cent and 2.8 per cent in Hubei, compared to 0.17 per cent elsewhere in mainland China.

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The World Health Organization said on Thursday that 564 people had died in China from the virus, up from nearly 500 people the day before and that 28,060 cases had been confirmed in the country. There are also 225 cases outside the country and one death.

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