Indian Army Continues to Bleed, 4 Assam Rifles Soldiers Killed in Nagaland

The Indian Army continues to bleed against the evil of terrorism. After continuous violence in Kashmir, Indian Army suffered heavy casualties in Nagaland, the North East of India, when 4 soldiers of Assam Rifles were ambushed by the terrorists.  This ambush has been triggered by NSNC terrorists of Nagaland, as per reports.

4 Assam Rifles Soldiers Martyred in Nagaland

As reported by the Times of India, at least four soldiers of Assam Rifles were martyred in an ambush. This ambush which has been triggered by NSNC terrorists also injured 6 men of the Assam Rifles. The ambush happened in the Aboi in Mon district of Nagaland. This is yet another story of the Indian Army being targeted by the growing terrorism in India. Till when will the Indian Army continue to bleed? Where is the political narrative to wipe out the deep-rooted terrorism in India?

Indian Armed Forces in Nagaland

While we often talk about terrorism in Kashmir, the violence in the North East goes almost neglected. It has only been few days since the abduction and killing of an Indian soldier in Kashmir by terrorists. Indian Armed forces have become the favourite target of the terrorists. We have now seen so many terror attacks on army camps, air force camps, army convoys and the units of the Indian armed forces. When will India wake up and avenge the deaths of its soldiers? Can the situation be any more urging than this?

How India Won Bangladesh, and Lost Kashmir in 1971

It is high time that India must now look to resolve the terrorism in Kashmir and the violence in the North East. Indian Army is one of the best and the most dangerous in the world and to see it taking so many casualties is disheartening. Should the Indian Army be given a free hand to eliminate terror from India’s soil? Is there ever an end to terrorism in India?