Saturday, February 27, 2021

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Indian Army Set To Receive ‘Made-In-India’ ‘Kalyani M4’ Armored Vehicles

The Indian Army will soon receive ‘made-in-India’ ‘Kalyani M4’ armored vehicles. Global aerospace and technology company, Paramount Group, and India’s Bharat Forge Limited have joined hands to manufacture these vehicles for the Indian armed forces. 

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An agreement was signed by both companies during the second day of the International Defence Expo (IDEX 2021) held in Abu Dhabi. The vehicles will be made in India, a move that is in sync with the Indian government’s ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ (self-reliant India) initiative.

Following the signing of the agreement, Bharat Forge Limited announced to the Indian Stock Exchange on February 23 that it received an order worth Rs 177.95 crore from  India’s Ministry of Defence for the supply of Kalyani M4 vehicles.

The Kalyani M4 is a multi-role platform, designed to meet the specific requirements of armed forces for quick mobility in rough terrain and in areas affected by mine and IED threats. It offers best-in-class levels of ballistic and blast protection – up to 50kg TNT side blast or IED/roadside bombs due to its innovative design, built on a flat-floor monocoque hull.

It is intended that the ‘Kalyani M4’ will see service with the Indian Armed Forces in the very near future. The Kalyani M4 successfully completed a series of extreme vehicle trials in some of the toughest environments in India.

Amit Kalyani, Deputy Managing Director, Bharat Forge Ltd said, “We are very pleased to partner with Paramount Group. This collaboration brings together the manufacturing and technology excellence of two leading companies, which have matching synergies and complementary capabilities.”

“The Kalyani M4 is a fantastic new generation vehicle,  and we want to position it as the ‘future of protection’ in all markets worldwide,” he added.

Featuring next-generation design, advanced technologies, and the highest levels of protection, the result of decades of the real-world battlefield and asymmetrical warfare experience, the Kalyani M4 is modeled on Paramount’s Mbombe 4 armored vehicle which has seen international success in a number of markets.

Ivor Ichikowitz, Chairman of Paramount Group, stated: “All of our technologies have been developed with portable production in mind. We believe this model of world-beating innovative technology is fundamental to enhancing any country’s contemporary defense, and technology capabilities.”

“The Kalyani M4 is based on one of our flagship armored vehicles designed specifically for in-country production in India with our partners the Kalyani Group. We are proud that it will be made in India,” he maintained.

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