Indian Defence Forces Set To Acquire Apache AH-64E Helicopters From the US

The news of induction of Apache Helicopters is going to give the Indian Defence Forces a major boost. The US has approved the deal under which 6 Apache AH-64E helicopters will be sold to the worlds fastest growing defence industry, India. This must be seen as a major overhaul to the Indian defence forces, which is all set to acquire the lethal Apache Helicopters from the US. 

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The Apache Helicopters will bring a great deal of modernization to the Indian armed forces. The defensive capabilities of the Indian defence industry and Indian armed forces to counter ground armoured threats will be enhanced significantly. Since 2008 the bilateral defence trade between India and the US has risen to USD 15 billion from near zero. Bilateral defence trade with the US is significant for the Indian defence industry to get consequential boosts.

There is more to this deal than just Apache Helicopters

The deal approved by the Trump Administration is not just about the deadly Apache Helicopters. The Indian defence industry will also get control radars, the hellfire longbow missiles, stinger block I-92H missiles, night vision sensors, and inertial navigation systems from the US. With such ultra modernization of the Indian armed forces, India can tackle regional threats with ease.

Next month, a 2+2 dialogue will be held between India and the United States in Washington. India’s Defence Minister and External Affairs Minister will be in Washington to meet their American counterparts to discuss various dimensions of the cooperation. Defence trade holds the key to the sustainability of the Indian defence industry.

In 2015 the two countries had also come to common terms with respect to an updated 10 year Defence Framework Agreement. This agreement aims to expand bilateral defence trade and strategic partnership and cooperation between the two nations.

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