Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Indian Fighter Jets Carrying ‘Hourly Sorties’ To Monitor Chinese Activities Near The LAC

As tensions between India and China see no end, Indian Air Force (IAF) fighter jets have been performing hourly sorties around the Line of Control (LAC) in a bid to keep regular surveillance over People Liberation Army camps.

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As reported by Indian news outlet – Times Now, the aerial activity along the LAC has increased in recent days following India’s successful attempts at capturing strategic heights in the northern and southern parts of the Pangong Tso region.


Now that the Indian armed forces are deployed in these strategic areas, they have set up different positions around the region, in order to keep a close eye on the camps set up by the PLA in the Moldo region of the Chinese side of the LAC.

Whether the newly inducted Rafale jets are part of the fighters performing sorties has still not been ascertained but according to reports that keep the Chinese side wary of Indian movements.

While New Delhi is seen to be keen on resolving the border issue through diplomacy, it is ascertained that they are also very committed to fighting for the security of its troops and for the country’s sovereignty and integrity.

Despite diplomats from both sides keeping regular contact in order to find a resolution to the conflict, there is a constant dialogue between New Delhi and Beijing on an everyday basis, both at the General as well as Brigadier level.

India recently received the muh-awaited Rafale fighter jets and were seen practicing in the mountainous terrains of Himachal to practice air to air and air to ground missions. The Indian Navy also deployed its MiG-29K multirole fighters to the Northern sector.

India has deployed MiG-29s, Su-30MKIs, and Apache attack helicopters near the LAC after additional Chinese jets, bombers, and attack helicopters were seen at four Chinese bases near the LAC. The MiG-29Ks won’t be the first time the Indian Navy’s air wing is involved in the mountainous regions of Ladakh: The Navy’s P-8I surveillance aircraft have also been spotted in the region.

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